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Florida Photographs

The photographs on this site have been grouped into content sections and subsections for your convenience. Click on the thumbnail to view all of the galleries in any section.

Animals Gallery. This section includes 13 galleries of photos showing alligators, birds, fish, and other animals in Florida. (169 photographs)

Arts and Architecture Gallery. This section includes 9 galleries of photos showing the arts, lighthouses, and monuments of Florida. (161 photographs)

Business Gallery. This section includes 10 galleries of photos showing banks, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, laundry facilities, news organizations, restaurants, and other Florida businesses. (123 photographs)

Cities and Towns Gallery. This section includes 72 galleries of photographs and postcards showcasing the many cities of Florida and their historic landmarks and neighborhoods. (998 photographs)

Education. This section includes 4 galleries of historic photos showing classes, school buildings, and sports teams. (34 photographs)

Environment Gallery. This section includes 18 galleries of photos documenting Florida's diverse environment, including beaches, caverns, forest fires, the weather, and many others. (201 photographs)

Government and Social Services Gallery. This section includes 11 galleries of photos showing images of social services such as fire fighters, post offices, and libraries. (129 photographs)

Historic Places. This section includes 22 galleries showcasing sites with significance due to the accomplishments of historically relevant individuals. (1092 photographs)

Industry Gallery. This section includes 11 galleries of photos illustrating some of the industries that have been prevalent throughout Florida. Included are photographs of agriculture, cigar manufacturing, electricity, shipping, and other Florida industries. (118 photographs)

Military Gallery. This section includes 27 galleries of photographs showing some of Florida's involvement, both directly and indirectly, in various military events from the establishment of the earliest Spanish forts through the present. (694 photographs)

NASA Gallery. This section features 8 galleries of recent and historical photos of the American space program in Florida. (163 photographs)
Native Americans in Florida Gallery. This section includes 14 galleries of photographs showing both Native Americans and artifacts from early Native American settlements in Florida. (537 photographs)
Organizations Gallery. This section includes 3 galleries of photographs illustrating various organizations present in Florida, including examples of social clubs and religious entities. (57 photographs)

Plants. This section includes 18 galleries of photographs showing plants in Florida. Explore the grounds of the Deering Estate, DeSoto National Memorial, Edison Gardens, and other parks. (352 photographs)

Recreation Gallery. This section includes 18 galleries of Florida recreation including boating, fishing, camping, fairs and festivals, sports, parades, tourist events, and other Florida attractions. (212 photographs)
Tourist Attractions. This section includes 6 galleries of photographs showing amusement parks, gardens, springs, and other attractions. (230 photographs)
Transportation Gallery. This section includes 12 galleries of photos showing different types of transportation throughout Florida, including automobiles, trains, boats, planes, and others. (108 photographs)

Photographs in this collection may be used in non-commercial, educational projects subject to the Exploring Florida license.


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