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Native Americans in Florida Gallery

The images in this section have been grouped into 14 galleries. Click on a thumbnail photo to view all of the images in that gallery.

Native Americans. Contemporary and historic photographs of Native Americans in Florida. (10 photographs)

Arch Creek Historic Site. This site in North Miami-Dade County is one of Florida's earliest landmarks. The area was occupied by Native Americans for hundreds of years before the arrival of European explorers. (8 photographs)

Crystal River State Archaeological Site. This site is believed to have been continuously accupied from 200 B.C. to about A.D. 1400. (14 photographs)
Indian Mound at Deering Estate. Views of the mound and artifacts found in the area. (6 photographs)

Jacques Le Moyne Galleries. This section includes 10 galleries of engravings based on drawings Le Moyne made on his trip to Florida. While there, he documented the lives of the Timucua Indians, who had already been visited by Jean Ribault two years earlier. (421 engravings)

Lake Jackson Mounds State Archaeological Site. This site is the largest known ceremonial center of the Fort Walton culture. It was the political and religious center for Native Americans of this area from about A.D. 1100 to 1500. (7 photographs)

Letchworth Mounds State Park. Photographs of the park, which is located in the Florida panhandle. (7 photographs)

Madira Bickel Mound. Located in a tropical habitat on Terra Ceia island in Manatee County, the Madira Bickel Mound is an example of a Native American ceremonial mound. Artifacts of some of Florida's earliest inhabitants, dating between 1000 B.C. and A.D.1600 have been excavated from this site. (5 photographs)

Miccosukee Nation. Photographs of canoes and homes from this south Florida nation. (13 photographs)
Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. Photographs and paintings from the museum portraying Native Americans during the 1900s. (9 photographs)

Native American Artifacts. Pottery and carvings created by Native Americans in Florida. (4 photographs)

Native American Weapons Reproduction. Includes a reenactor demonstration of the atel atel as well as photographs of various other weapons. (8 photographs)
Ortona Mound. Scenic tour of this mound, which is located west of Lake Okeechobee. (7 photographs)
Portevant Indian Mound at Emerson Point. Explore the largest remaining mound in west Florida. (18 photographs)


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