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Virtual Reality Movies: Historic Places

Each panorama movie is available in two file sizes. The small movies display at the same size on your computer screen as the large movies, but the small movies do not allow you to zoom in on as much detail as the large movies do. Most of the color movies are a full circle (360 degrees). The black and white VRs are approximately 180 degree views.

Ancient Spanish Monastery

192 K 1.7 MB

The Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux was originally built in Sacramenia, Spain, between 1133 and 1141. It has been reconstructed from original materials in Miami, Florida.

Deering Waterfront

364 K 1.3 MB

A view of Biscayne Bay from the Deering Estate. The Deering Estate was badly damaged by Hurricane Andrew and has since been carefully restored.

Edison Home

440 K 1 MB

The winter home of Thomas A. Edison, beautifully poised along the Caloosahatchee River, is one of the greatest historic treasures within Lee County.

Historic Smallwood Store Museum

388 K 1.1 MB

The Smallwood Store was established in 1906 deep in the heart of the 10,000 Islands.

Marjorie Rawlings State Historic Site

432 K 1.4 MB

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings lived here at Cross Creek from 1928 until her death in 1953.

Mission San Luis Friary Compound

422 K

All of the buildings are reconstructions of the originals which were burned in 1704 when the Spaniards and Apalachee abandoned the Mission as the British approached. Note: this is a cubic VR.

St. Johns Bluff

332 K 1.1 MB

View of the St. Johns River from St. Johns Bluff, Jacksonville. It was on this spot that Jean Ribault errected a monument claiming Florida for France in 1562.

The Kingsley Plantation

352K 832K

The Kingsley Plantation is located on Fort George Island in Jacksonville. The unusual floorplan of the main house includes four corner rooms or pavilions.

The Kingsley Plantation

440 K 1.1 MB

The Kingsley Plantation is located on Fort George Island in Jacksonville. The main house is connected by a covered walkway with the kitchen to the left.

The Kingsley Plantation

504K 1.2 MB

Several dozen slave cabins were arranged in a neat semicircle behind the kitchen at the Kingsley Plantation.

The Kingsley Plantation

892 K 3.6 MB

The slave cabins were constructed of tabby, a kind of concrete made of burned shells (to make lime), sand, and water.

Yesteryear Schoolhouse

244 K 2.4 MB

A view of the interior of the 1936 Loxahatchee Groves Schoolhouse at the Yesteryear Village.


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