Good teachers go through a continuously repeating process of assessing student needs, planning instruction, delivering instruction, assessing outcomes, and then determining student needs again. For experienced teachers, much of this is done internally. In this project, we are asking you do to it explicitly, and to report on your work.

The instructions below explain each part of the Teaching Cycle Project and Report. You should follow these guidelines carefully. Your write-up must be typed (except for copies of student work) and must follow the format below. Sections should be titled and numbered, consistent with these directions, and pages should be numbered.

The Teaching Cycle

  1. Description of your students and the learning environment

  2. Identifying the topic you will teach and its relationship to the larger curriculum

  3. Identifying the specific learning objectives

  4. Selecting the pre- and post-assessment strategies

  5. The instructional plan

  6. Report on the pre- and post-instructional student performance

  7. Reflection on the effectiveness of your instruction

  8. Plan for next steps

  9. Reflection on what you learned by completing the Teaching Cycle Project
The master checklist of items to include in the Teaching Cycle Report

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