6. Report on Pre and Post Instructional Student Performance:


Determining the effectiveness of your teaching can be accomplished by comparing students' performance before and after instruction. These assessments can provide information about the effectiveness of the instruction and how much the students learned.


Look at each of the objectives you identified and make comparisons of the pre and post instructional performance for every learner. The general criterion for mastery is: At least 80% of the students mastered at least 80% of the objectives. However, is important for teachers to examine not only class performance, but individual performance as well. You should also keep in mind that it is OK if your instruction did not result in reaching the criterion for mastery.

When assessing performance, you should:

  • Use graphs and/or text to describe the extent to which every learner met your objectives. Analyze and interpret your data in terms of both individual and whole-class performance. If possible, cluster performance data into meaningful groups (e.g., students who mastered objectives, students who partially mastered objectives, students who didn't master objectives) so that you can better analyze and describe your data.

  • Include any information you collected prior to, during, and after instruction so that comparisons can be made between pre and post instructional learner performance (e.g., teacher observations, running records, previous student work, etc.).

  • Evaluate each learner's performance. Make a decision about whether your instruction was successful, partially successful, or unsuccessful in meeting the learning objectives.
When including assessments of student learning, remember to respect the confidentiality of your students. Do not use real student names or include identifying information that would jeopardize a student's right to confidentiality.


  • The items to include in this section of the report are:

  • a record of each student's performance before and after instruction

  • your evaluation of each student's performance after instruction