1. Description of Your Students and the Learning Environment:


The needs and characteristics of your students impact what you teach and how you will teach it.


Find out as much as you can about the students you are teaching and complete the items below. You might ask your cooperating teacher, the school clerical staff, the school nurse, or other school personnel to help you compile a complete and accurate profile. Fill out the following chart to provide a summary of the demographic make-up of your class.

Grade Level/s: _____
Subject Area: _____
Number of Students
Total:____M: ____F:____           Reading Level _____ (ESE yes___, no___) If yes #___
Class Characteristics
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian: ___ African American: ___ Hispanic: ___ Other: ___
Number of Students for Free or Reduced Lunch _____
Number of ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) ___
Number of EMH (Educable mentally handicapped) ___
Number of LD (Learning disabled) ___
Number of EH (Emotionally handicapped) ___
Number of SED (Severely emotionally handicapped) ___
Number of Gifted ___
Other (______) ___
Describe the Type of Classroom (i.e. homogeneous, heterogeneous, FUSE, team-teach model, self-contained, continuous progress)
Homogeneous: students exhibit similar characteristics.
Heterogeneous: Students exhibit different characteristics.
FUSE: two teachers, one classroom; one special ed, one regular.
Team-teach model: two teachers, one classrom; equal opportunity.
Self-contained: special education separated from the rest of the school. BR> Continuous progress: students are not always separated by grade.
Community Characteristics (check one for each)
Location of school: Urban ___ Suburban ___ Rural___
General level of parental support: High ___ Medium ___ Low ___
Socio-economic status of majority of students: High ___ Middle ___ Low ___

If applicable, note whether there are other factors that could influence your teaching. For example:

  • Is there anything about the physical makeup of the classroom, teaching area, or school that you need to take into account?

  • Are there any pieces of equipment, supplies, or technology that will facilitate or challenge your teaching?

  • Describe any other factors that you will need to consider as you make your decisions.


The items to include in this section of the report are:

  • a completed demographics chart

  • a discussion of the all the factors that might inform your teaching decisions