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TIFF Map Help

What are TIFF maps?

A TIFF file is a high-resolution (240 dpi) format. TIFF files should be used only if you are printing the map. Do NOT use TIFF files for maps that will displayed on a computer screen.

How do I download TIFF maps?

To download the TIFF file click on the link provided "Download TIFF* File", select the destination folder the click save.

How can I edit TIFF maps?

After downloading the map clipart, launch your image editing program (i.e. Photoshop Elements). click on the file menu and choose open. Select the file you downloaded from the dialog box and you may now edit the graphic.

How can I use TIFF maps in print documents?

Using a word processor or page layout development program (i.e. Microsoft Word, Appleworks, or PageMaker) click on the insert image button and select the downloaded graphic from the dialog box.

How can I add TIFF maps to my webpage?

If you need a graphic other than the sizes provided as GIFs, use your image editing program to resize and then convert the TIFF into a GIF. Using a web page development program (i.e. Dreamweaver or Frontpage) click on the insert image button and select the graphic you converted from the dialog box.

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