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Exploring Florida Maps Credits

Exploring Florida was begun as a collaboration of the Pinellas County School District Department of Instructional Technology and the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, at the University of South Florida. Original funding for the project was provided by a Technology Literacy Challenge Fund grant through the Florida Department of Education. Subsequent development of the Exploring Florida Maps component was made possible through EETT funds. The addition of science-related maps was provided in partnership with the Union County School Board and the University of Florida with funding from the Mathematics and Science Partnership.

Florida Center for Instructional Technology

Director FCIT:  Roy Winkelman, PhD
Project Manager: 
Mark La Spina
Michael Sweeney, Mark La Spina
Database Development: 
Michael Sweeney

Data entry, digitization, and graphic preparation:

Kristy Acuff  
Caitlin Call  
Teresa Chavez  
Chad Cullen  
Norman Freeman  
Angela Gilbert  
Phyllis Green  
Corey Guthrie  
Tim Hawley  
Alan Heindel  
Tim Hawley  
Alan Heindel  
Clay Kelsey
Brandon Kibler
Eric Lambert
Cory Plastek
Ashley Malinowski
Jeff Mason
Regina Rached
Samer Slaiby
Kelly Smith
Kayla Spelman
Sorina Susnea
Jordan Young

Pinellas County School District

Supervisor of Instructional Technology:  Judy Ambler
Social Studies Supervisor: 
Thomas Stanton

Union County School District

Technology Coordinator:  Scott L. Woodall

University of Florida

Principle Investigators:  Cathy Cavanaugh, Ph.D.
  Kara Dawson, Ph.D.
Project Manager:  Sabrina Powell, Ph.D.

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