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St. Lucie "Photo" Style #03 Cypress Knees

Directions: To use any of the four maps below, simply click and drag the image to your desktop. You can also right click (Windows) or control click (Macintosh) and select the copy option from the pop-up menu. For additional assistance, see Help Using Maps.

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* A TIFF file is a high-resolution (240 dpi) format. TIFF files should be used only if you are printing the maps. Do NOT use TIFF files for maps that will displayed on a computer screen. Click here for help downloading and using TIFF files.

Description: A map of St. Lucie in the shape of a cypress knees photograph. Suitable for the following themes: cypress knees, wetlands, water resources, conservation, trees. These maps are in the JPEG format. You can use them in your presentations, reports, and Web pages. There is also a link to a high-resolution TIFF version of the map if you need to print a very large, high-quality image. For any project such as a presentation or a web page that will be displayed on a computer, you should use the JPEG versions displayed above, not the TIFF version.
Keywords: St. Lucie, borders, photo map, photographic map, outline map of St. Lucie, JPEG
Source: Florida Center for Instructional Technology, Exploring Florida Maps (Tampa, FL: University of South Florida, 2008)
Map Credit: Florida Center for Instructional Technology, University of South Florida.
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 FL Maps > County > St. Lucie > St. Lucie "Photo" Maps > #03 Cypress Knees
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