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To prepare your Macintosh computer to connect to FIRN you will have to configure your System Preferences (step 1 below). This one-time process will take about 5 minutes. Once you have your computer properly configured, connecting to FIRN will be easy and fast (step 2 below). Note: Mac OS X works only with 56K V.90 modems.

Step 1: Configuring the System Preferences

a. Pull down the Apple Menu in the top left corner of the screen and highlight System Preferences.

b. When the System Preference window appears, click on the
Network icon.

c. In the Network preference window, click on the Location drop-down menu and choose New Location.

d. Name your new location FIRN and click OK.

Figure 22. TCP/IP tab

e. Click on the TCP/IP tab and choose the following options.

Configure: Using PPP
Domain name Servers: type on the first line, press return, and type on the second line
Search Domains:

Figure 23. PPP tab

f. Click on the PPP tab and enter the following information:

Service Provider: FIRN
Telephone Number: enter your local FIRN number
Account Name: enter your FIRN Profile account number
Password: enter your FIRN password

Figure 24. PPP options

g. Click on the PPP Options button:

Redial if busy: 50 times
Check Use TCP header compression
Check Connect using a terminal window (command line)
Check Use verbose logging
Click OK to close the options box

Figure 25. Modem tab

h. Click on the Modem tab and choose the following options:

Modem: select your modem
Check Enable error correction and compression in modem
Sound: On
Dialing: Tone (or Pulse if you have a rotary phone)
Check Wait for dial tone before dialing
Check Show modem status in menu bar

i. Click Apply Now.

j. Close the Network preference window by clicking the top left red button.

k. Click Save.

Step 2: Connecting to FIRN

a. Click on the Modem icon in the menu bar and highlight Connect to begin the dial-up procedure to connect to FIRN.

b. A terminal window similar to the one in Figure 26, will display a welcome message. (Note: If there is no text in the window, you are probably connecting to an older 28.8 FIRN dial-up number. Please turn to page 70 for further instructions.)

Figure 26. Terminal window

c. At the Enter username prompt, enter your FIRN profile account number and press Return.

d. At the Enter user password prompt, enter your password and press Return. (Note: Your password will not display and the cursor will not move as you type your password.)

e. You will receive a message that your password authentication has succeeded. You are now connected to the FIRN network.

f. Launch your browser, email application, or any other PPP applications you would like to use.

g. Enjoy your FIRN connection!

h. When you are finished, quit the PPP applications you launched.

i. Click on the Modem icon in the menu bar and select

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