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About the Holocaust

26 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
A young American woman, daughter of a survivor of the death camps, tells about her personal search for knowledge of the Holocaust years and she explains why the study of the Holocaust is important now. This videotape includes firsthand accounts from a number of survivors and documentary footage.
Subject(s): 2nd Generation
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Act of Faith
28 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS Film (F 12-100)
This dramatic story of the heroic Danish resistance movement against Hitler was originally presented on CBS-TV. Filmed in Denmark, it is a firsthand account of the role played by the Danish people in saving their Jewish countrymen from Nazi extermination.
Subject(s): Resistance; Denmark
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Adolf Hitler
12 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
This film biography features both animation and documentary footage to present the story of Hitler's career as well as the progress of Germany from the time of its defeat in World War I until the end of the Nazi period at the close of World War II. It presents the forces at work in Germany which created and motivated the Nazi regime.
Subject(s): Hitler; Nazism; Germany
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

All Jews Out
82 minutes / Color / & BW / General Audience / VHS
This documentary by Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher outlines the story of the Jewish Auerbacher family from the German town of Goppingen. It includes home movies of the family from the 1930s and follows Inge through her deportation to the Nazi formed ghetto of Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia, where she was imprisoned for 3-1/2 years. Included are contemporary interviews of people in Goppingen including former Nazi Party members.
Subject(s): Survivors; Nazi Germany; Theresienstadt
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

9 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
This short film, with minimal dialogue, gives a powerful and perceptive view of the nature of the extermination process, although there are no scenes of horror in it. It shows a group of children, with their teacher, being held in a barbed wire enclosure just prior to being forced into an extermination van. The attitudes of the children, their teacher, and their guards and murderers will stimulate classroom discussion.
Subject(s): Nazi Atrocities; Children

America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference
87 min / Color / & BW / General Audience / VHS
This video explores the painful and difficult story of America's response to the murder of 6,000,000 Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators. Using interviews, archival photos and documents, and home movies and film from the time, the program traces the tragic story of America's inaction on two levels: through the experiences of Kurt Klein, a Jewish refugee trying to save his parents, and through documented evidence of the U.S. government's official policy.
Subject(s): America; Survivor
Vendor: PBS Video

The American Expression: Radio Priest
58 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
During the Depression, Father Charles Coughlin was almost as popular as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Millions of Americans listened every Sunday to the Radio Priest as he led a popular protest against the nation's economic and social system. Coughlin eventually began allying himself with the fascists that were gaining control of Europe. He used the airwaves for anti-democratic messages.
Subject(s): Anti-Semitism in the United States
Vendor: PBS Video

56 minutes / Color / Adult / VHS
This is an analysis of the lives and careers of three Jewish comedians whose parents were Holocaust survivors. It surveys the effects of their legacy on their brands of humor and performance styles. The film includes excerpts of their stage performances as well as personal interviews and analyses of their humor both by experts on Jewish humor and by psychiatrists.
Subject(s): survivors; second generation; psychology
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Anne Frank in Maine
30 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
A Junior High School class in Maine learns about the Holocaust. Students question adults who lived through those years. Gradually the whole community becomes involved, and when the class decides to perform The Diary of Anne Frank, the local church provides the stage. The ministry, townspeople, students and parents comment on the Holocaust study program and its effect on the children involved. Helpful for those developing programs for teaching about the Holocaust in their communities.
Subject(s): Holocaust Education; Anne Frank
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Anne Frank Remembered
117 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
This is a documentary film using archival photos and documents to present the life of Anne Frank and her family from her years in Frankfurt through her final years in Amsterdam.
Subject(s): Anne Frank; Nazi Persecution
Vendor: Social Science School Service

Anschluss + 50 Years
14 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
This is a major program for those who wonder what became of all the Nazis after WW II. When Hitler annexed Austria in 1938, his entry into Vienna was greeted by half a million cheering Austrians. The debate over Waldheim's Nazi past has raised questions about Austrians today. Were they victims or collaborators during the war? If they were Nazis then, are they still? This segment is from 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace. Interviews with Austrians of all ages and political stripes, a young Austrian Jew and Kurt Waldheim.
Subject(s): Austria; Waldheim; Anti-Semitism; Collaboration; Anschluss
Vendor: Films for the Humanities Inc.

The Architecture of Doom
119 minutes / BW & Color / HS + / VHS
A penetrating analysis of Nazi ideology which extends beyond the scope of ordinary politics. It claims that the underlying motivation was an extreme aesthetic aspiration to return beauty to the world to counteract the miscegenation and degeneration that defiled it through sheer violence.
Subject(s): Nazi Ideology
Vendor: First Run/Icarus Films

The Armenian Case
43 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
Survivors of Turkish atrocities and European and American eyewitness accounts recall the chilling historical events that were to shape the destiny of the Armenian people. The film includes notable sequences on World War I, President Wilson, the battle of Sardarabad, the establishment of the Republic of Armenia, and the rebuilding of Armenian life in the worldwide Diaspora.
Subject(s): Genocide; Armenians
Vendor: Atlantis Productions

The Armenian Genocide
26 minutes / Color / & BW Grades 9-12 / VHS
This documentary raises questions about ethnic and racial discrimination by using the 1915-1923 annihilation by the Ottoman Empire as a case example.
Subject(s): Armenian Genocide
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

An Armenian Journey
58 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
For 75 years, a bitter debate has raged over the death of more than one million Armenians in eastern Turkey during World War I. Were they casualties of war or the victims of a calculated effort by Turkish officials to exterminate the Armenian people? Theodore Bogosian, an American journalist of Armenian descent, documents his personal quest for the truth in An Armenian Journey.
Subject(s): Genocide; Armenians
Vendor: Films Incorporated

Art & Remembrance: The Legacy of Felix Nussbaum
29 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
This is the story of Felix Nussbaum, the German-Jewish artist who, during four years of hiding in Brussels, created a major body of paintings about European Jews during the Holocaust. One month before the liberation of Brussels, he was turned in to the Gestapo, sent on the last transport to Auschwitz, and murdered.
Subject(s): Art
Vendor: First Run/Icarus Films

As If It Were Yesterday
85 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
This film documents the heroism of the Belgian people who, during the Nazi occupation, hid or helped more than 4,000 Jewish children to escape deportation and extermination, often doing so at the risk of their own lives.
Subject(s): Belgium; Righteous Gentiles; Hiding Children
Vendor: Almi Home Video Corp.

15 min / BW General Audience / VHS
A documentary history of the Jews of the German area spanning the course of 1000 years. (Poor quality film)
Subject(s): Germany
Vendor: Alden Films

The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich
56 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
Reinhard Heydrich was considered the most dangerous man after Hitler. This documentary drama tells of the plot to assassinate him, which was masterminded in England and carried through to finality in Prague in 1942.
Subject(s): Resistance
Vendor: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Assignment Rescue
26 minutes / BW & Color General Audience / VHS
A documentary about the heroic efforts of Varian Fry, the American editor of LIVING AGE magazine, in rescuing 200 famous intellectual refugees from the hands of the Nazis at the start of World War II in 1940.
Subject(s): Varian Fry; Rescue
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Assisi Underground
115 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Based on the best-selling documentary novel, this film sheds light on the work done by the Catholic Church and the people of Assisi to rescue several hundred Italian Jews from Nazi execution following the German occupation of Italy in 1943.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles; Italy; Docu-drama
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

At the Crossroads: Jews in Eastern Europe Today
59 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
Yale Strom, Klezmer musician, traveled with fellow filmmaker Oren Rudavsky to eastern Europe to explore the lives of Jews there. This video shows the vacuum left by the Holocaust reflected in the faces of older Jews, in empty streets, and in the music that once filled cities. What is surprising is not the devastation they find among elderly survivors and closed synagogues, but the revival of Jewish identity, particularly in Hungary but also in Poland, which had its last official anti-Jewish movement a mere 23 years ago.
Subject(s): Contemporary Jewish Life Eastern Europe; Poland; Hungary; Czechoslovakia
Vendor: Arthur Cantor Films

The Attic
95 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
This historically accurate drama is based on the book, Anne Frank Remembered, by Miep Gies, a Dutch woman who risked everything to help her Jewish friends.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles; Anne Frank; Docudrama
Vendor: Zenger Media

Au Revoir Les Enfants
103 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Based on filmmaker, Louis Malle's experiences at boarding school during the Nazi occupation of France, this film documents the story of a Catholic schoolboy and his Jewish friend who is being sheltered at the school by a courageous French priest. After an act of betrayal, the Gestapo deports the Jewish youngster and the priest to Auschwitz.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles; France; Docudrama
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Auschwitz and The Allies
113 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
In June, 1944 two escapees from the most organized center of mass murder in history brought the story of its existence to the Allies. Both men tell their story publicly for the first time in this film. Unfortunately, the general reaction to the news of the death camps was disbelief.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; Nazi Atrocities
Vendor: Films Incorporated

Auschwitz: If You Cried, You Died
28 minutes / JHS + / VHS
A documentary video chronicling the journey of two Holocaust survivors as they revisit the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Subject(s): Survivors; Auschwitz
Vendor: Impact America Foundation

The Avenue of the Just

58 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS Film
The title refers to the tree-lined walk at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial honoring righteous Gentiles who saved Jewish lives. There are interviews with men and women who sacrificed for others, and with some of the people they saved.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

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Back to Ararat
95 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
A journey along the path of the long Armenian death march of 1915. From the former Armenia, now in ruins in present-day Turkey, to the Armenian Diaspora throughout the world, we are guided by some of those who survived the genocide of 1915. We experience the spirit of Glasnost in Soviet Armenia, where Armenians have found a cultural homeland, and we meet Armenians living in war-torn Beirut.
Subject(s): Armenians; Genocide
Vendor: First Run Features

Beate Klarsfeld; Bringing Nazi War Criminals to Justice
30 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
Beate Klarsfeld, who brought Klaus Barbie and other Nazi war criminals to justice, describes her work in documenting, tracking down, and punishing those who planned and ordered the extermination of Jews during the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Nazi War Criminals
Vendor: Films for the Humanities

Because of that War
90 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
A documentary by two of Israel's top rock musicians, both children of Holocaust survivors, detailing their parent's experiences during the war, and how the knowledge of their background has influenced their lives and careers.
Subject(s): Second Generation; Music
Vendor: Sisu Home Entertainment, Inc.

Bergen-Belsen, United States Congress Tour of Camps in 1945
30 min / Color / & BW / Adult / VHS
Pictorial essay of Bergen-Belsen narrated by the daughter of the special messenger who had been sent there by the Pentagon to photograph the camp, which had been liberated by British forces. Also includes an interview with a former US Representative who was part of a congressional committee invited by General Eisenhower to view the camps in 1945 and report to the American public.
Subject(s): Concentration Camps; Bergen Belsen; Liberation
Vendor: Emory University

Bergen-Belsen, Woebbelin and Gardelegen Massacres
30 min / Color / & BW / Adult / VHS
A sergeant with the Royal Canadian Air Force led a group of volunteers from his unit into Bergen-Belsen with food and medical supplies. He and a witness to the Woebbelin and Gardelegen massacres, where hundreds of Jews were burned alive inside an old warehouse, describe what they saw.
Subject(s): Concentration Camps; Nazi Atrocities
Vendor: Emory University

The Bielski Brothers
53 Minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
Documentary about brothers in Byelorussia who commanded the largest Jewish partisan group in occupied Europe during World War II.
Subject(s): Resistance; Partisans
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

A Biography of Adolf Hitler
14 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS Film Strip (FS-138)
Uses Associated Press news photographs in a documentary format to capture the essential dynamics of Hitler as one who began World War II and some of the most inhuman events in history, including the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Hitler
Vendor: Scott Education

The Birdman
12 min / Color / 6th grade+ / VHS
On a farm in Israel there is a private aviary built by Eiton Porat, a concentration camp survivor who has dedicated the aviary to Israels children. They come there from the cities to be closer to nature, to enjoy the startling beauty of his rare birds, and to hear him speak of his experiences during the Holocaust. In documenting a day with Porat and visitors, the film reveals the special qualities of this man for whom the past is inextricably tied to the future.
Subject(s): Survivors
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Blood in the Face
75 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
This film is a compelling, darkly humorous look at the radical right in America. This feature documentary shows members of the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, Posse Comitatus, American Nazi Party and Euro-American Alliance (members as well as) several Canadian fascists whose avowed goal is to forge a cohesive political brotherhood which will create an Aryan Nation on the North American continent.
Subject(s): Neo-Nazis; Feature Documentary; Anti-Semitism
Vendor: First Run Icarus Films

Blood Money: Switzerlands Nazi Gold
100 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
A documentary about Switzerland's financial dealings with Nazi Germany during World War II.
Subject(s): Switzerland; Nazi Gold
Vendor: Ergo Home Video

The Blum Affair (Affaire Blum)
90 min / BW HS+ / VHS
In this drama, set in Germany in 1928, a young man stands to lose his home, and kills another man to get some money. The case becomes complicated when a Jewish factory owner, Dr. Blum, is charged with the crime. The film depicts the feel and sentiment of the times, as the press, the police, and the justice system react.
Subject(s): Germany Nazi Anti-Semitism; Fiction
Vendor: German Language Video Center

The Boat is Full
104 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
This is the haunting story of a group of Jewish refugees who escape from Nazi Germany and seek asylum in Switzerland. Soon the village in which they are hiding becomes aware of their true identity and their deportation seems imminent. They are forced back to the German border not by the Nazis, but by ordinary Swiss civilians who are indifferent to the plight of refugees. Switzerland's immigration policies were so stringent that by 1942 the country was declared a full lifeboat. The struggle of those who sought freedom is explored in depth and with compassion.
Subject(s): Jewish Refugees in Switzerland; Escape Attempts; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Bookseller
30 min / BW General Audience / VHS
A dramatization of the book, Rescue in Denmark, depicting the heroic actions of the people of Denmark during the Nazi occupation of the country, and of their rescue of 98% of Denmark's Jews. (Film in poor quality)
Subject(s): Denmark; Rescue; Resistance
Vendor: Alden Films

Born in Berlin
85 min / General Audience / VHS
This film follows three young girls who called Berlin home during the 1930s, until Nazi racial laws shattered their marginally Jewish lives in their quest for identity. Filmed on location in Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Israel, this documentary traces the lives of these women from pre-war Berlin through the traumas of war and its aftermath.
Subject(s): Survivors
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Both Sides of the Wire
47 min / Color / HS / VHS
This documentary chronicles the experiences of German and Austrian refugees, the majority of whom were Jewish. They came to England to escape Nazi oppression, only to be deported and interned in Canada as dangerous aliens in 1940 . . . and what became of them 50 years later.
Subject(s): German refugees; Austrian refugees; Canada; England; Enemy aliens
Vendor: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Bound for Nowhere: The St. Louis Episode
9 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
This tape contains extraordinary authentic film of the historic voyage of the 937 Jewish refugees who set sail from Hamburg, Germany on May 13, 1939 for Cuba. Denied entry into Cuba and refused landing in the US, the ship wandered the high seas for five weeks, until forced to return to Europe. The role of the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in helping the passengers to find a haven in Holland, Belgium, England and France is recounted.
Subject(s): The St. Louis Voyage; Emigration
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

Breaking the Silence
60 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Interviews and group rap sessions with survivors and the second generation interspersed with psychological explanations by professionals.
Subject(s): Survivors; Second Generation; Psychology
Vendor: PBS

30 min / Color / & BW / Adult / VHS
Three young soldiers who were fighting the war in Europe came across Buchenwald almost by accident, unaware of the horrors inside. The American GIs, all with the Engineer Combat Battalion, describe the inmates' weakness and starvation and how they were used for medical experiments. Includes some authentic photographs taken by these men, and archival concentration camps film footage taken when the camps were liberated.
Subject(s): Concentration Camps; Buchenwald; Liberation; Nazi Atrocities
Vendor: Emory University

Buchenwald Liberator Meets Survivor

30 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
Alex Gross, a survivor, and William Scott, a liberator, give their testimonies on Witness to the Holocaust Project.
Subject(s): Buchenwald; Concentration Camp; Survivors; Liberation
Vendor: Emory University

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The Camera of My Family
18 min / Color / & BW / 6th Grade+ / VHS Filmstrip
Four generations of a German Jewish family are brought to life with material dating from 1845-1945. One of the best teaching tools available, this film, though gentle in its approach, easily leads to discussions about the attitudes of German Jews, their sense of national identity, their intense patriotism, and their inability to grasp what was happening.
Subject(s): Rise of Nazism in Germany; Anti-Semitism; Prejudice
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Camp of Hope and Despair: Witnesses of Westerbork
70 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
Westerbork in Eastern Holland was the last stop on Dutch soil for more than 100,000 Dutch Jews, before being deported to the concentration camps. In spite of the air of impending doom, Jewish classes, celebrations, religious services and weddings continued on a regular basis. Through the eyewitness accounts of survivors, as well as remarkable photographs and films, one comes to understand the overall picture of daily life in Westerbork. Voice over.
Subject(s): Holland; Westerbork ; Spiritual Resistance; Dutch Jews
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

Charlie Grant's War
125 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Charlie Grant, a Canadian diamond broker working in Vienna in the 1930s gradually becomes aware of the Nazi threat to Jewish lives, and works underground to help 600 Jews leave Europe. This film tells the true story of one Canadian who made a difference, and is a condemnation of the Canadian government which allowed only 5,000 Jewish refugees to enter its country.
Subject(s): Holocaust-Vienna; Emigration; Docudrama
Vendor: Zenger Media

Chasing Shadows
52 min / Color / & BW / General Audience / VHS
After 45 years Hugo Gryn returns to his hometown, Berehovo, in Carpathia once part of Czechoslovakia and, until the making of this film, closed to visitors from the West. It is a glimpse of a time when half the town was Jewish, and evokes the world of Hugo's childhood. But that world has all but vanished, leaving only ghosts and shadows.
Subject(s): Jewish Life: Pre-Holocaust ; Czechoslovakia
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Child of Two Worlds
60 min / Color / HS / VHS
In an effort to give their children a chance at life, many Jewish parents sent their children into hiding in Christian foster homes during World War II. This fascinating film focuses on five Jewish war orphans, now all in their fifties and sixties, how they survived the war, and how they eventually returned to their roots. Included in this video is the story of Halinka, a baby born in the Warsaw Ghetto, whose parents wrapped her in a pillow and threw her over the ghetto wall. She was caught by a Polish policeman and cared for by his family. In Dutch with English subtitles.
Subject(s): Hidden Children; Survivors
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

The Children from Villa Emma
50 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
This authentic docudrama recreates the exciting rescue of a group of Jewish children from the Nazis by righteous Gentiles of a small village in Northern Italy. Shot on location, this poignant film incorporates actors, rare archival footage, and moving interviews with the fortunate survivors. Hebrew with English sub-titles.
Subject(s): Children; Righteous Gentiles; Italy
Vendor: Israel Video

Children in the Holocaust
70 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
Depicting the plight of Jewish children during the Holocaust from the viewpoint of the now grown survivors, this film is a candid and personal account of the terrors of the period as seen through the eyes of children.
Subject(s): Children; Survivors
Vendor: Phoenix Films & Video Inc.

The Children of Izieu
28 min / Color / & BW / HS / VHS
In 1944, one month before the end of WW II, the Gestapo from Leon, under Klaus Barbie, sent two vans to the French village of Izieu. The mission was to exterminate the children of an orphanage known as La Maison d'Izieu. In a senseless raid, 44 Jewish children aged 4 to 17 years, and 5 adult caretakers were thrown into a van and sent to Auschwitz and immediately gassed. The people who were interviewed in this film are the last living eyewitnesses to the raid, Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, who hunted and brought Barbie to justice, and two hidden children who lived to bear witness.
Subject(s): Izieu; Children; Beate and Serge Klarsfeld; Klaus Barbie; France; Survivors
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Children of the Holocaust
51 min / Color / HS / VHS
The story of four children who survived the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Survivors; Hidden Children

Children Remember the Holocaust
46 minutes / Color / 5th to 9th Grade / VHS
This documentary, based on the diaries of children who experienced the Holocaust, speaks to young people about their experiences.
Subject(s): Children in the Holocaust
Vendor: SVE/Churchill Media

Choosing One's Way: Resistance in Auschwitz-Birkenau
30 min / Color / HS / VHS
This video permits the ashes of Auschwitz to bear eloquent testimony. The focus of this documentary is a heretofore little-known story of resistance. Accomplished through the smuggling of gun powder from a nearby munitions factory, the inmates succeeded in the destruction of Crematorium #4. The film features thirteen survivors, each of whom contributes to the piecing together of this incredible story of heroism. Previously unavailable footage is featured for the first time. Narrated by Ellen Burstyn.
Subject(s): Resistance; Auschwitz; Birkenau
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

Countdown to War
90 min / Color / JHS/ VHS
This film presents an overview of Hitler's manipulation of the nations of the world and how they reacted.
Subject(s): Docudrama; World War II
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Courage to Care
28 min / Color / HS+ / VHS 16mm
An unforgettable encounter with ordinary people who refused to succumb to Nazi tyranny. These people followed their conscience while others followed orders. They fed strangers, kept secrets, and provided hiding places. Their actions were exceptional in an era marked by apathy and complicity.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

The Cross and the Star

55 min / Color / JHS / VHS
This video boldly examines the Christian anti-Semitism that may have paved the way for the Holocaust. It argues that the ideological seeds which developed into the Nuremberg laws and then the death camps may have been sown into Christian dogma many centuries prior to the rise of the Third Reich. The video questions the absence of foreign governments, institutional churches, and Christian neighbors while the Nazi atrocities were being committed. Director Michalczyk, a former Jesuit priest, utilizes archival footage of Nazi Germany and interviews over 30 Holocaust survivors, scholars, and Protestant, Catholic and Jewish clergy.
Subject(s): Anti-Semitism; Christianity
Vendor: First Run Icarus Films

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30 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
Two American G.I.s, (one a first lieutenant with the 191 Tank Battalion and one a supply officer for the 54 field hospital unit), discuss the liberation of Dachau, the first concentration camp built by the Nazis, and the effect the Holocaust has on their lives. Includes authentic photographs and archival World War II film footage.
Subject(s): Dachau Liberators
Vendor: Emory University

Daniel's Story
14 min / BW / 4th Grade+ / VHS
This story is based upon the experiences of real children who lived at the time of the Holocaust. The video is issued in conjunction with the exhibition at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. This is the only exhibit that the Museum feels is appropriate for children 8 years and up to view.
Subject(s): Children; Germany; Fiction
Vendor: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Danish Resistance: The Power of Conscience & The Rescue of the Jews
55 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
The video features the testimony of prisoners and saboteurs, the rescuers and the rescued, to tell the story of the Danish people who refused to cooperate with the Nazis, and who rescued almost the entire Danish-Jewish community of 7000 from the hands of the Nazis.
Subject(s): Denmark; Resistance
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

30 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
In 1939 the Jewish community of Danzig, made up of assimilated German Jews and more recent arrivals from Eastern Europe, responded to the Nazi threat by agreeing to sell their property and possessions, both personal and communal, to the Free City of Danzig for the purpose of financing emigration for those who could not come up with the capital to finance their own emigration. One thousand Jews from Danzig managed to survive the Holocaust as a result of the community's extraordinary foresight. The Great Synagogue, with its 1600 seats, was sacrificed, but many of the community's sacred and ritual objects were carted off to New York intact, including a collection of European Jewish Art that was housed in the Synagogue's museum collection. Forty years later the objects and some of the survivors are reunited at an exhibition held at the Jewish Museum in New York.
Subject(s): Danzig Jewish Community; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

Dark Lullabies
82 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
A film about a generation possessed, a generation preoccupied by a history in which it played no part. Seen through the eyes of filmmaker Irene Lilienheim Angelico, a child of survivors, this film explores the impact of the Holocaust on a generation of Jews and Germans born after the war. Now in their twenties and thirties, many children of survivors the second generation feel deeply affected by their parents ordeal, just as their German contemporaries live with a burden of confusion and guilt about the crimes of their parents generation.
Subject(s): Second Generation
Vendor: National Film Board of Canada

Das Leben von Adolf Hitler
101 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
Never before seen archival footage from Europe. Includes the rise of the Nazi party, the years after the First World War, hyperinflation of currency, the first still and motion pictures of Hitler, the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler's years in jail and rebuilding of the party, and much more. It is all there, from the beginning to the end, in one of the most valuable, spellbinding, horrible but true documentaries ever filmed. (In English)
Subject(s): History Nazism
Vendor: Gould Media Inc.

125 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
David is a young German Jewish teenager who is caught up in the Nazi persecution, eventually losing his home and family to the Holocaust. He survived as a victim and witness in this poetic but brutal drama filmed in Germany. (German with English subtitles)
Subject(s): Survivor Germany
Vendor: Zenger Media

A Day in October
96 min / Color / JHS / VHS
Set against the backdrop of the Nazi occupation of Denmark in 1943, this video tells of a Danish resistance fighter and one Jewish family caught up in the forces of history, and emphasizes the power of ordinary citizens and how they were able to resist evil.
Subject(s): Resistance; Denmark; Righteous Gentiles; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell
30 min / BW / Adult / VHS
In 1941, a Wehrmacht sergeant celebrated his 43rd birthday by illegally photographing inside the Warsaw Ghetto. The photographs were hidden for over 40 years, until he knew he was dying. The filmmaker has done a masterful job in combining the pictures with readings from ghetto diaries, Yiddish songs, and klezmer music.
Subject(s): Warsaw Ghetto; Diaries; Yiddish Songs
Vendor: Filmmakers Library

The Death Camps
17 min, 8 sec / Color / JHS+ / VHS
The video contains historical footage, still photos, background information and commentary by former New York Times executive editor A.M. Rosenthal. Also appearing is Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel. (The video is part of a learning packet including various educational resource materials for teaching about the Holocaust.)
Subject(s): Concentration Camps; Ghettos; Auschwitz; Dachau; Buchenwald
Vendor: Educational Media

Death March of the Jews from the Camp at Flossenburg
45 minutes / Color / JHS and up / VHS
Documentary of the forced march enforced by the Nazis toward the end of World War II
Subject(s): Nazi Concentration Camps; Death Marches; Flossenburg
Vendor: Ergo Home Video

Debajo Del Mundo
100 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
A Polish Jewish working family's relative calm is shattered when the Nazis invade Poland. Choosing to avoid deportation by the Germans, they move underground. (Spanish with English subtitles)
Subject(s): Poland; Holocaust; Docudrama
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

A Debt to Honor
29 min, 35 sec / Color / General Audience / VHS
A video documentary that tells the compelling stories of ordinary individuals whose personal acts of courage resulted in the rescue of thousands of Jews after the Nazi occupation of Italy in 1943.
Subject(s): Rescue; Italy; Righteous Gentiles
Vendor: Documentaries International Film & Video Foundation

Degenerate Art
60 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
This documentary examines the context of the Nazis 1937 Munich exhibition and vilification of avant-garde art. The film includes footage of Nazi book burnings, shots of the original exhibition and interviews with historians and art critics.
Subject(s): Nazi Propaganda; Nazi Cultural Control
Vendor: PBS Video

The Demjanjuk Trial: A Moment in History
15 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
In 1981 John Demjanjuk was brought to trial in Cleveland, Ohio accused of concealing his Nazi past when he came to the United States more than 25 years earlier. The evidence against Demjanjuk is presented. Testimony of survivors of Treblinka is heard and the effects of the trial on Cleveland's Jewish and Ukrainian communities are analyzed.
Subject(s): War Criminals; John Demjanjuk.
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew)
62 min / BW / Selected Audiences / VHS
This classic anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda film interprets Judaism according to Nazi racial theories. It was used by the Nazi regime to incite the German population against the Jews. (German with English subtitles)
Subject(s): Nazi Racial Propaganda; Anti-Semitism
Vendor: International Historic Films

Diamonds in the Snow
59 min / Color / & BW / General Audience / VHS
Three women born in Bendzin, Poland recall a childhood of hiding from the Nazis and reflect on the Polish-Christian rescuers who saved their lives. Of the thousands of Jewish children in this western Polish city at the time of the German invasion, barely a dozen survived the war. The story of this vanished Jewish community conveyed through interviews and archival film and photos forms a tragic counterpoint to the luck of these few children and the bravery of those Jews and Gentiles responsible for saving them.
Subject(s): Children in hiding; Righteous Gentiles; Poland; Bendzin
Vendor: Cinema Guild

Diamonds of the Night/A Bite To Eat
71 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
One of the breakthrough films of the Czech New Wave; based on a short story by Arnost Lustig, it is the tale of two boys who escape from a Nazi transport train. Told in a visual, surrealistic style. Also on the same tape is Nemecs short film, A Bite to Eat. Czech dialogue with English subtitles.
Subject(s): Czechoslovakia; Escape; Fiction
Vendor: Facets Video

The Diary of Anne Frank
150 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
Anne Frank and her family take refuge in an attic hideaway for two years in order to escape Nazi persecution. The film attempts to capture their struggle to preserve a civilized life under increasingly desperate circumstances.
Subject(s): Holland; Righteous Gentiles; Anne Frank; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Memories and Perspectives
60 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
This documentary film in three parts explores Bonhoeffer's life and times in chronological fashion: the American experience; the early years of the Church Struggle; Bonhoeffer's peace sermon at Fano; the underground seminary at Finkenwalde, the flight to America in 1939, his return to Germany; work in the resistance movement; and, finally, prison and death. Filmed in Germany and France, the movie features interviews with Bonhoeffer's family, friends and co-workers, highlighting Dr. Eberhard Bethge, Bonhoeffer's closest friend and chief biographer.
Subject(s): Christian Resistance
Vendor: First Run Icarus Films

Displaced Persons
48 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
Towards the end of 1947, the SS FEARLESS departed from the shores of Italy on the way to Palestine with several hundred illegal Jewish immigrants on board. This journey on the troubled waters was filmed and brought to life in this moving documentary.
Subject(s): Displaced Persons; Illegal Immigration
Vendor: Sisu Home Entertainment, Inc.

Divide and Conquer (Why We Fight Part II)
60 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
A documentary in cooperation with the US War Department, which explores why America joined the fight against the Axis powers.
Subject(s): History World War II
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Doomed Voyage of the St. Louis
50 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
A documentary about the passage of the German ocean liner St. Louis from Hamburg to Havana in 1939. The ship carried refugee Jewish passengers fleeing Nazi Germany with visas for Cuba. The Cuban denial of entry to these passengers and their forced return to Europe after being refused US entry is the focus of this video.
Subject(s): Nazi Persecution; Survivors
Vendor: Zenger Media

The Double Crossing The Voyage of the St. Louis
29 min / Color / & BW / Adult / VHS
On May 13, 1939, the luxury liner St. Louis sailed from Hamburg, Nazi Germany, with over 900 Jewish refugees on board, bound for freedom in Havana, Cuba. At first they felt that they were on a vacation cruise into freedom. However, their happiness was short-lived. The Cuban government reneged on its promise and refused them entry into the country. Although 734 of the refugees held quota numbers for eventual admission into the United States, the effects of the Great Depression, isolationism, and anti-Semitism all contributed to an anti-immigrant mood here, and permission to enter here was refused. Archival footage, plus numerous interviews with survivors of the St. Louis, educate us about the past as well as sensitize us to the plight of all refugees, wherever they may be.
Subject(s): Emigration; Escape Attempts; Cuba; St. Louis Voyage
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

Drancy: A Concentration Camp in Paris, 1941-1944

55 min / BW / General Audience / VHS
The film details the complicity of the French authorities during the Nazi occupation in arresting and interning over 74,000 Jews in France prior to their transport to Auschwitz. It highlights the role of the French in rounding up the Jews and in the case of the Vichy regime, of instituting anti-Semitic laws on its own initiative. The film features interviews with survivors and with bystanders as well as rare archival footage.
Subject(s): Drancy; France; Vichy; anti-Semitism
Vendor: Filmmaker's Library

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30 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
A 1st lieutenant with the 30th Field Hospital of the Third Army relates his experiences at the camp of Ebensee, in Austria, as his unit entered the camp to take over the medical facilities and provide care to 36,000 remaining inmates. Includes photographs taken by the liberator himself.
Subject(s): Concentration Camp
Vendor: Emory University

Echoes of a Nightmare
26 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
This documentary chronicles the efforts of the American Nazi Party to march into the predominantly Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois. This historic event tested the ability of our Constitution in granting all American citizens the right of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.
Subject(s): Neo-Nazis; Skokie, Illinois
Vendor: R-H Company

Echoes That Remain
60 min / Color / Adult / VHS
A poignant study of Jewish shtetl life before the Holocaust. It combines hundreds of rare archival photos and previously unseen footage with live action sequences shot on location at the sites of former Jewish communities in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania.
Subject(s): Jewish Society; Eastern Europe; Shtetl
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Eichmann: The Nazi Fugitive
50 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
The capture of Adolf Eichmann, the notorious war criminal, by Israeli intelligence is reenacted with interviews with the actual Mossad agents who brought him to justice after a worldwide manhunt of fifteen years.
Subject(s): Eichmann, Adolf; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Alden Films

The Eighty-First Blow
115 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
The title refers to the story of a Jewish boy in a ghetto who was struck with eighty blows. He survived and immigrated to Israel, where he found that no one believed his story, which for him was the eighty-first blow. A compilation of testimony from witnesses who appeared at the Eichmann Trial provides a telling narrative.
Subject(s): Ghettos; Nazi Atrocities; Survivors
Vendor: Ergo Media, Inc.

Elie Wiesel: Witness to the Holocaust Nobel Peace Prize, 1986
20 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Cited by the Nobel Committee as a spiritual leader and guide in an age characterized by violence, repression and racism, Wiesel has devoted his life to the cause of peace. A Holocaust survivor who has written extensively about his experiences, Wiesel has based his literary career on the concept of the writer as witness. (Student notebook and teacher resource book are available.)
Subject(s): Holocaust Survivors

Escape From Sobibor
149 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
Sobibor was a Nazi death camp in Poland, where more than a quarter of a million Jews were annihilated. It was also the site of the largest prisoner escape of WWII.
Subject(s): Extermination Camps; Resistance; Docudrama
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Escape to Shanghai
25 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
This tape tells the story of the Jewish community of Shanghai, China, one of the most interesting of the Holocaust. Thousands of Jews came from Germany, Russia, and Eastern Europe to this open port where no passport or visa was required and lived out the war years, the majority of them under Japanese occupation. Although Germany was pressuring the Japanese to formulate an extermination policy similar to that which was in effect in Europe, Japan resisted.
Subject(s): Shanghai; Emigration; Japan
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Escape to the Rising Sun
95 min / Color / Adult / VHS
This is the story of 20,000 Jews who fled Nazi persecution in Europe and took refuge in Shanghai, China, throughout the Second World War. For several thousands of them, escape meant traveling through the Soviet Union and Japan before eventually reaching Shanghai. During the Japanese occupation, the refugees were completely cut off from the outside world. When Shanghai was liberated, they began leaving for new homes in Europe, the United States, Israel and Australia.
Subject(s): Refugees; Shanghai
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Europa, Europa
115 min / Color / Adult / VHS
This film, in German and Russian with English subtitles, is the story of Solomon Perel, a courageous German-Jewish teenager who survived WWII by concealing his true identity and by living as a Nazi for seven harrowing years through three countries.
Subject(s): German-Jewish Teenager; Docudrama
Vendor: Blockbuster

Everything's For You
55 min / Color / & BW / Adult / VHS
A son, the father of his own son and daughter, explores the complicated relationship with his late father, a survivor of the Lodz Ghetto. Reticent and in failing health, the father's story is revealed through the filmmaker's use of various media techniques, including interviews, photographs, archival footage, cell animation drawings, and repeating sequences, questions, and props that echo the disjointed character of the memories. But it is not only the father who is haunted by the death of his first family; it is also the son.
Subject(s): 2nd Generation; Survivors
Vendor: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Excerpts From My Journal
17 min / BW / General Audience / VHS
Dara Horn kept a journal when she was a participant in the 1992 March of the Living. This video features excerpts from her journal. She was a freshman in high school when she joined the March which visited Poland and Israel. The photographs were taken by Sharon Gurman Socol, a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Agency for Jewish Education in Miami, who was also a participant in the March.
Subject(s): March of the Living; Concentration Camps; Israel
Vendor: United States Office of the March of the Living

The Exiles
116 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
This tape which was made for public television is the story of emigre scholars, intellectuals and artists, who were forced to flee Europe for America. The tape is divided into two parts, beginning with pre-WWII, and interweaves with documentary film footage.
Subject(s): Survivors; Emigre Scholars; Emigre Intellectuals; Emigre Artists
Vendor: The Exile's Project

Exodus to Israel
52 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
The revelation of the Holocaust did not mean that the survivors would readily be granted asylum in the Promised Land. This documantary covers the dramatic events leading to the establishment of Israel, focusing on Exodus, the clandestine voyage in 1947 of Jewish refugees to Palestine.
Subject(s): Illegal Immigration; Displaced Persons
Vendor: Films for the Humanities, Inc.

The Eye of the Dictator
55 min / Color / & BW / HS / VHS
An in-depth examination of the Nazi regime's use of propaganda techniques to inform, misinform and persuade the German people about the Nazi ideology and aims.
Subject(s): Nazi Propaganda; Goebbels; Totalitarian State
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

The Eye of the Third Reich
60 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
This documentary focuses on Walter Frentz, the photographer who was cameraman to Leni Riefenstahl and later chosen to be Hitler's personal cameraman. Frentz was in a unique position to provide us with an inside view of the working of the Nazi propaganda machine.
Subject(s): Nazi Propaganda; Walter Frentz; Josef Goebbels
Vendor: First Run/Icarus Films

Eyes from the Ashes
12 min / BW / Adult / VHS
Many Jews brought personal photographs with them when they were deported to Auschwitz, not knowing their fate. The photographs were confiscated and 2400 of them had been pasted into ledger books. The photos had remained in Auschwitz until several years ago, when Ann Weiss, a photojournalist, found them. This video shows many of the faces, most unnamed. As viewers have seen these pictures, some of those unknown faces have been recognized.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; Prewar; Photographs
Vendor: Ann Weiss

Eyewitness to History

60 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
The renowned journalist and author, William L. Shirer discusses his experiences as a journalist in Europe prior and during World War II with Bill Moyers. Shirer, the author of Berlin Diary and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, was the correspondent for CBS radio in Germany during the early days of the Nazi regime and provides his insights into this crucial period of modern history.
Subject(s): Nazi Germany; William L. Shirer
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

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Faces of the Enemy
58 min / Color / Adult / VHS
This video examines the sociological, psychological, and political aspects of war to discover what drives nations, and individuals to kill. Through a chilling series of propaganda images, interviews with a Vietnam veteran, psychologists, cartoonists, a mythologist, experts on warfare, racism, and people who feel threatened by enemies, the film creates a vivid picture of the ways in which people become obsessed with concepts of enemies. The film shows how these obsessions allow people to kill others without feeling guilt, and escalate conflict to the point where they cannot be resolved without violence.
Subject(s): Psychology of War; Psychology of Propaganda
Vendor: Quest Productions, Inc.

Faith Amid the Flames
30 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
This film shows the spiritual heroism and resistance of Orthodox Jews during the Holocaust. The film records the astounding faith of observant Jews, who risked their lives to maintain their faith. The film also deals with the fascinating struggle the leading rabbis endured in order to faithfully answer many of the questions on Jewish law brought out by the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Spiritual Resistance
Vendor: Eventful Enterprise

A False Dawn (Struggle for Poland Series)
58 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
Though the new Polish constitution was to guarantee racial and religious tolerance, the hopes of the Polish people were diminished as weak coalition governments and bitter political infighting led to the assassination of Polish leaders. The establishment of a military regime based on right-wing totalitarianism officially sanctioned anti-Semitism. Workers and peasants protested against government policies, while outside its borders Poland faced a greater threat from Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.
Subject(s): Poland; Anti-Semitism (1930s)
Vendor: PBS Video

Fascism: Rise of Hitler
44 minutes / BW General Audience / VHS
Documentary evidence about the rise of Nazism and anti-Semitism in Germany from 1919 to 1939, as well as the rise of Mussolini Fascism in Italy.
Subject(s): Nazism; Fascism; Anti-Semitism; Italy; Germany
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Father's Return to Auschwitz
20 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
Jan Drabek, child of an upper middle-class Christian family, lived in Prague before WWII. Then in 1938, when the Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia, his father joined the underground. Denounced and apprehended, the father was sent to the Auschwitz death camp where, miraculously, he survived. Four decades later, the father returned to Auschwitz with his son, who filmed this documentary. In this film, the Nazi takeover of Czechoslovakia and memories of the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau are recalled.
Subject(s): Resistance; Auschwitz; Czechoslovakia
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

A Field of Buttercups
30 min / BW / General Audience / VHS
The story of Dr. Janus Korczaks orphanage for Jewish children in the Warsaw Ghetto, and of his heroic devotion to his orphans. (Film in poor quality)
Subject(s): Korczak, Janus; Warsaw Ghetto; children
Vendor: Alden Films

The First World War & the Rise of Fascism
30 minutes / BW/Color JHS / VHS
This program considers World War I and its aftermath, when old empires were replaced by rightwing dictatorship in Italy, Spain, and Germany. It includes a segment that looks at new military strategies used in World War II and discusses why civilians became targets.
Subject(s): Fascism; World War I; World War II
Vendor: Insight Media

Flames in the Ashes
90 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
Using testimony of eye witnesses and recently discovered film footage, this video explores how Jews in innumerable ways resisted the Nazis. The voices of those who survived the horrors of the Holocaust, both murderers and resistance fighters, tell the story that defines the differing dimensions of Jewish resistance in Europe before and during the war. (Hebrew with English subtitles)
Subject(s): Resistance; Nazi Atrocities; Survivors
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

For the Living
57 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
Documentary about the concept and planning of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC Included are interviews with the architect and with leading members of the US Holocaust Commission. The film is narrated by actor Ed Asner.
Subject(s): Holocaust Museum
Vendor: PBS Video

114 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
This film is about the so-called Last Jews of Berlin, a handful of German Jews who actually lived underground throughout WWII in Berlin. In this production, the desperate struggle of this remnant of German Jewry is dramatized.
Subject(s): Last Jews in Berlin (Nazi Germany); Fiction
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Force of Evil
60 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Using archival footage as well as taped interviews with Jewish and non-Jewish survivors who recount their first-hand experiences of the Holocaust, Force of Evil addresses the questions, How could a nation persecute and kill millions of innocent people? and, How could the world stand by while these atrocities occurred? It also documents the career of Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal, who proceeded from managing the forced emigration of Jews from Germany in the late thirties to being instrumental in the systematic annihilation of millions of Jews with others in death camps.
Subject(s): War Crimes Responsibility; Adolf Eichmann
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

Forest of Valor
52 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Documents the story of Jewish underground fighters and partisans who fought the German army in the forests of Eastern Europe during World War II.
Subject(s): Partisans; Babi Yar; Resistance
Vendor: Sisu Home Entertainment, Inc.

The Forgotten Genocide
28 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
A classic and definitive film about the first genocide of the twentieth century told for the first time by eyewitness accounts of Armenian survivors and rare archival film footage.
Subject(s): Genocide; Armenians
Vendor: Atlantis Productions

Fragments of Isabella
80 minutes / Color / HS+ / VHS
This film drama is based on the Pulitzer Prize book by Isabella Leitner, a young Hungarian Jew who suffered through the horrors of Auschwitz.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; Survivors
Vendor: Filmmakers Library

A Friendship in Vienna
94 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
Feature film about the friendship of two school girls one Jewish; one Christian in Vienna at the time of the Nazi Anschluss of 1938.
Subject(s): Fiction; Nazi Persecution; Austria; Vienna
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

From Hawaii to the Holocaust: A Shared Moment in History
53 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
This is the story of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion of the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, comprised of Asian-American soldiers who helped liberate the Dachau concentration camp. It is also the story of two very different peoples - Jews and Americans of Japanese ancestry who shared common experiences as victims of government-sanctioned oppression, racism and prejudice during WWII.
Subject(s): Liberation; Dachau; Hawaii; Japanese
Vendor: Direct Cinema Limited

From Kaiser to Führer
30 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
The story of the ill-fated Weimar Republic, the dream of progressive Germans.
Subject(s): History Rise of Nazism
Vendor: McGraw-Hill Training System

From Out of the Ashes
29 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
A video centering around the First World Gathering of Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem. The film presents a firsthand view of Jewish pre-Holocaust society and culture in Europe through the eyes of two survivors who re-met at the Gathering.
Subject(s): Survivors
Vendor: Phoenix Films & Video

From the Ashes
35 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
This video and its companion, Past and Present, are two personal testaments about the death camp Sobibor by Tom Blatt, a survivor of the camp and one of the organizers of the uprising that took place there. The viewer is taken back to the Sobibor of the present where scant mention is made of the thousands of Jews who were killed there and where a Catholic Church has been built on its grounds. Mr. Blatt returns to his home town in Poland, to his boyhood house, and speaks to townspeople who recall his family that perished during the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Concentration Camp; Sobibor; Polish People
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Führer Gives a City to the Jews

23 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
This film was produced during the summer of 1944 by Germanys Ministry of Propaganda about Theresienstadt, the model ghetto established by the Nazis in 1941. It was intended to be used to show the International Red Cross and the world that Jews were being well treated in the camps. This is the only film known to have been made by the Germans inside any operating concentration camps; it is, however, an elaborately staged film presenting a completely false picture of camp life. Upon completion, the director and most of the cast of prisoners were shipped to Auschwitz. Only a few survived to attest to the falsity of the film, which has renewed significance in the face of Holocaust Revisionism. This film is incomplete and the restoration segment of all extant fragments was done by the National Center for Jewish Film. German with English subtitles
Subject(s): German Propaganda; Theresienstadt; Concentration Camp; Red Cross
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

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