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Maine Survivors Remember the Holocaust
43 min / Color / & BW / JHS / VHS
This video offers a clear compelling introduction to the Holocaust for general audiences. Interviews with eight Maine survivors and an American liberator, interwoven with dramatic archival films, photographs, maps and music, propel the viewer through this tragic history. The personal stories of eye witnesses demonstrate convincingly how the Holocaust affected individual Jews. This video is designed to fit into a single classroom period, and is appropriate for middle school and high school students.
Subject(s): Survivors; Liberator
Vendor: Holocaust Human Rights Center of Maine

Majdanek 1944
65 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
The concentration and extermination camp Majdanek, erected near Lublin in 1941, was liberated on July 23,1944. Soviet and Polish troops uncovered evidence of the Nazi genocide and formed a commission to hear testimony from survivors and witnesses to the atrocities; their accounts were preserved on film.
Subject(s): Majdanek; Nazi War Crimes; Survivors
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

Make Germany Pay
20 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS (FS-160)
A portrait of life in Germany after its defeat in World War I. The Armistice Agreement and the Treaty of Versailles triggered a vast anger among the German people, and helped prepare them for the eventual rise of the Nazis. This film deals with the financial inflation and the problems caused by French and Belgian occupation of the Ruhr.
Subject(s): Rise of Nazism in Germany History
Vendor: Films Inc.

The Making of the German Nation
94 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
A vivid account of German history from the creation of the German empire following the defeat of Napoleon to the rise of Nazism and WWII.
Subject(s): German History
Vendor: Educational Audio Visual Inc.

Married With A Star
33 min / Color / Not recommended for below college level / VHS
On May 25, 1942, Max Werkendam wed Clara de Vries in the heart of Amsterdams Old Jewish Quarter, in Nazi-occupied Holland. For almost fifty years, the film of this wedding lay untouched as a silent witness in a forgotten place. Now uncovered, it becomes the focus of the touching story of the ill-fated couple and their wedding guests, most of whom did not survive the war. English voice over.
Subject(s): Nazi-occupied Holland; Holland
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

The Master Race
20 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
This video shows how and why the Nazi concept of racial superiority developed, and how the German nation was organized to achieve it. It focuses on the 1936 Olympics as grist for the government propaganda mill and organized planned persecution as an element of government policy.
Subject(s): History of Nazism in Germany; Nazi Racial Theories
Vendor: Films for the Humanities, Inc.

Max and Helen
93 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
This is a story of two Holocaust survivors who not only refuse to bring their tormentor to justice, but who convinced the internationally known Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal that a greater mercy would be fulfilled if their tormentor was never brought to trial.
Subject(s): Survivors; Nazi War Criminals; Fiction
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Mein Kampf
117 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
The rise and fall of German fascism is examined in this documentary along with its impact on the world. Rare footage from German film archives is included.
Subject(s): History Nazi Germany
Vendor: Filmic Archives

58 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
Twenty years after the liberation of prisoners from the death camps in Germany, the National Film Board accompanied a survivor and his son on a pilgrimage to the sites. This film is not a horror film but rather evidence of how soon horror fades into the past.
Subject(s): Survivors; Concentration Camps; Nazi Atrocities
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith

Memories of Berlin
72 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
This video details the cultural richness of pre-Holocaust Germany, with strong emphasis on the part played by so many German Jews, and ends sadly with the accession to power of Hitler and the Nazis. Much of this film footage is archival.
Subject(s): History Berlin Jewry
Vendor: Arthur Cantor, Inc.

Memory of a Moment
10 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
In this MacNeil Lehrer News Hour segment, two men whose lives touched forty years ago are reunited on the anniversary of the liberation of Buchenwald. Waisman who had been imprisoned in the German concentation camp and Leon Bass, a black American who visited the camp after liberation recall their experiences. Bass was the first black man Waisman had ever seen. As a black soldier in a segregated army, Bass's personal pain gave him a special perspective.
Subject(s): Buchenwald; Survivors; Liberators
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Memory of the Camps
58 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
British and American film crews working for the Supreme Headquaters of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe entered Nazi concentration camps. Their film record includes scenes of the gas chambers, medical experimentation labs, crematoria, and the survivors of Dachau, Auschwitz and Buchenwald, as well as other camps. Some of the footage was filmed literally moments after the troops liberated the camps.
Subject(s): Liberation; Concentration Camps
Vendor: PBS (WNET)

Minister of Hate
25 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
This tape narrated by Walter Cronkite describes Goebbels rise to power as Minister of Propaganda. His career is traced, through film footage, as prime advertiser for Hitler from the beginning of Nazism until Hitler's suicide, which he staged. Goebbels succeeded in poisoning the mind of 80 million people.
Subject(s): Nazi History; Nazi Propaganda
Vendor: Mc Graw Hill Film

Miracle at Moreaux
58 min / Color / 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade / VHS
In December 1943, three Jewish children fleeing Nazi-occupied France find refuge in a Catholic school run by Sister Gabrielle. At first the nuns young students are afraid to shelter the children from the Nazis intent on their capture. But the students come to understand and sympathize with the trios plight and risk their lives to protect them. Together they devise a dangerous plan to help the children reach the border and freedom.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles; Children; Fiction
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Missing Hero
50 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg risked his life to save 100,000 Hungarian Jews from Nazi gas chambers, then disappeared mysteriously in 1945 under Soviet Military escort. Although the Soviets have never fully explained his fate, evidence suggests that he may still be alive. Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin has called Wallenberg the greatest hero of World War II.
Subject(s): Raoul Wallenberg; Righteous Gentiles; Hungary
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Mr. Klein
122 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
The story of an art dealer in Vichy France who takes advantage of desperate Jews fleeing the country by purchasing their art masterpieces for a fraction of their worth. The twist? The Nazis arrest him when he is mistaken for a Jewish leader of the resistance.
Subject(s): France Nazi Occupation; Fiction
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story
160 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
This is the 1988 film production featuring Ben Kingsley, based on the career of the Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal.
Subject(s): Simon Wiesenthal; Nazi War Crimes; Nazi hunters; Docu-drama
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Music of Auschwitz
16 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS 16mm
Originally made as a segment for CBS-TVs 60 Minutes. Morley Safer introduces us to Fania Fenelon, author of Playing For Time. Fenelon was a member of the all-female prisoners orchestra that made music to sedate the new arrivals into a sense of calm and to give relief to Nazis after long days and nights of killing.
Subject(s): Auschwitz; Spiritual Resistance
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

My Brother's Keeper
25 min / Color / 5th Grade+ / VHS
Israel Birnbaum, an artist, tells the story of the Holocaust and particularly the story of the Warsaw Ghetto, in a series of dramatic paintings. His purpose is not to shock but to make sure that the Holocaust never happens again. He wants each one of us to ask ourselves, Am I my brother's keeper?
Subject(s): Warsaw Ghetto; Prejudice
Vendor: Donation

My Knees Were Jumping
75 minutes / Color / & BW / General Audience / VHS
A documentary account of the Kindertransport by which a few thousand Jewish children were evacuated to Great Britain from Germany and Austria in 1938/1939. Narrated by Joanne Woodward.
Subject(s): Kindertransport; Rescue
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Films

The Mystery of Josef Mengele

50 minutes / Color / 9th Grade+ / VHS
This program shows how Josef Mengele, the infamous Auschwitz doctor successfully eluded justice with the help of his family, an underground Nazi network, and the complicity of sympathetic governments.
Subject(s): Mengele; Nazi war crimes; Auschwitz
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

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The Nasty Girl
94 min / Color / & BW / Selected Audiences / VHS
A school project inspires a young girl to investigate her towns past, which seems to upset her neighbors. As she gets close to the truth, she is victimized by hooded locals, and bomb threats become real bombs. The more extreme the town's reaction to her research, the more ridiculous the situation becomes. She is not about to give up without a fight no matter how outrageous or absurd the fight may get. (German with English sub-titles).
Subject(s): Fiction; Germany; Anti-Semitism
Vendor: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Nazi Concentration Camp System
30 min / Color / & BW / Adult / VHS
A professor of history gives an overview of the Nazi concentration camp system how and why it was developed and a historical and political perspective of the Holocaust. A Major General with the 65th Infantry Division discusses his involvement with the liberation of Ohrdruf, a labor camp in Germany.
Subject(s): Concentration Camps
Vendor: Emory University

Nazi Concentration Camps
59 min / BW / General Audience / VHS
This is a video cassette version of the official film record of the Nazi death camps as photographed by Allied Liberation Forces in Germany, 1945. Warning: Not recommended for unprepared audiences due to the intensely graphic presentation of atrocities.
Subject(s): Concentration Camps
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Nazi Connection
59 min / Color / & BW / General Audience / VHS
This videotape is about those who looked the other way during the Nazi regime and then claimed innocence after the war.
Subject(s): Holocaust Guilt
Vendor: Films Inc.

The Nazi Seizure of Power
33 min / BW / General Audience / VHS
This study traces the rise of Nazi power from 107 Nazi seats won in the German National Parliament (Reichstag) election in 1930 to the death of Hindenburg and the appointment of Hitler to Führer and Chancellor in 1934.
Subject(s): Nazism History
Vendor: Encyclopedia Britannica

Nazi War Crimes Trials
67 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
Five newsreels, a theatrical trailer and a documentary from the Soviet Union, dealing with the Nuremberg Trials. Goering, von Papen, Hess, Schacht, Streicher, Keitel and other high ranking Nazis and German military officers are seen.
Subject(s): Nuremberg Trials; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Facets Multimedia, Inc.

Nazis . . . Lest We Forget
35 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
Post-World War II, German-produced 1949 documentary as well as an original Nazi newsreel, Nuremberg and Its Lesson, was made to show the German people the full extent of Nazi brutality. It documents the 1945 Nuremberg trials and graphically illustrates the mass destruction of Jews and other Europeans.
Subject(s): Nuremberg Trials; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Zenger Video

The Nazis (Nazi War Crimes)
60 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
Documents the sensational murder of over 200,000 Ukrainian Jews by the Nazis at the large Ukrainian ravine, Babi Yar.
Subject(s): Genocide; Babi Yar
Vendor: Filmic Archives

Never Forget
95 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
More than 30 years after World War II, the Institute for Historical Review, which says the Holocaust was a concoction of the Jewish imagination, challenges Mel Mermelstein, a survivor of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, to prove in a court of law that anyone was gassed at Auschwitz. This powerful dramatization of the court case stars Leonard Nimoy, Blythe Danner, and Dabney Coleman.
Subject(s): Holocaust Revisionism; Holocaust Survivors; Auschwitz; Docu-drama
Vendor: Zenger Video

A New Germany 1933-1939 (Vol.1 The World at War)
52 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
Embittered by defeat in WWI and stricken by economic depression, Germany rallies to the new hope promised by the National Socialists. Hitler captures the support of the unemployed and the middle class. Bookburning and anti-Jewish legislation ensue. (Part of the World at War series, narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier.)
Subject(s): History of Nazism in Germany
Vendor: Thorn Emi Video

Night and Fog
31 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS F12-103
A brilliant and haunting film on the concentration camp world which effectively combines black and white footage of the camps with color scenes of the same place ten years after the Holocaust. It includes explicit scenes of Nazi atrocities and carnage. There is no special emphasis on Jews. In French with English subtitles. Should not be shown to unprepared audiences.
Subject(s): Genocide
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

23 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / Film VHS
The story of Joachim and Rachel dramatizes the harrowing experiences of two young orphans who escape not only from the Warsaw Ghetto but also from a train carrying passengers bound for certain death. Black and white scenes describe their trip to freedom. Freedom is the United States, where they are welcomed by a caring uncle.
Subject(s): Warsaw Ghetto; Escape; Docu-drama
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

30 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
Nordhausen was a concentration camp which supplied the labor for a nearby German bomb factory. Two witnesses (one entered the camp one hour after its liberation) relate the horrors observed there. Includes photographs.
Subject(s): Concentration Camp; Nazi Atrocities; Nordhausen
Vendor: Emory University

Nordhausen, Dachau
30 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
A chaplain who travelled with a medical battalion shares his experiences at Dachau and Nordhausen. Includes an interview with a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who was the intelligence officer for the U.S. Seventh Army. After witnessing Dachau, he personally ordered the printing of a booklet for all members of the Seventh Army describing the conditions at the camp and the walking skeletons within because he felt that . . . this thing had to be documented. The future should have something that was the truth. Authentic photographs.
Subject(s): Concentration Camps; Dachau; Nordhausen; Liberation
Vendor: Emory University

Not Like Sheep to the Slaughter
150 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
In the summer of 1943, a small group of resistance fighters led by 24-year-old Mordechai Tenenbaum attempted to thwart the Nazi plan to eradicate the Bialystok ghetto. With few arms and little assistance from the outside, these courageous fighters resisted the Nazis with incredible resolve. In light only of newly uncovered evidence from that period, survivors and witnesses, among them former Israeli Knesset member Haika Grossman, provide us with keen insight into one of the lesser known acts of courage displayed by the Jewish resistance movement during the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Resistance; Bialystock Ghetto
Vendor: Ergo Home Video

Now After All These Years
60 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
Until 1923 Rhina was a German village, predominantly Jewish. After the Nazis came to power, the entire Jewish population vanished, mostly into concentration camps. Now, after all these years, the Rhina inhabitants speak warmly of the old Jewish community. However the few remaining Rhina Jews who are living in New York present a sharply different picture. German with English sub-titles.
Subject(s): German Post-War Attitudes; Survivors; German-Jewish Life
Vendor: Arthur Cantor, Inc.

26 min / BW / Adult / VHS
This documentary portrays people, institutions and activities in Nowogrodek, a lively medium-sized Lithuanian town. Organized around a visit by Yiddish lexicographer, Alexander Harkavy, the film includes scenes of sporting events, a bustling market place, a synagogue courtyard after Sabbath prayers, etc. Silent film.
Subject(s): Jewish Life Pre-Holocaust; Lithuania
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

Number the Stars
15 minutes / Color / Grades 3-7 / VHS
This PBS video is based on Lois Lowrys book centering on a Danish Christian family who saves a Jewish family from the Nazis in 1943.
Subject(s): Fiction; Righteous Gentiles; Denmark
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

76 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
This film documents the 1946 Nuremberg Trials, the International War Tribunal before which the four victorious powers, led by the American chief prosecuter, Robert Jackson, on leave from his position as Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, brought a four-count indictment (conspiracy, crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity) against some of the main perpetrators of the Nazi atrocities. It provides evidence for the four counts by chronicling the history of the events leading to the Holocaust, weaving familiar archival footage used at the trial with footage of the trial that traces the efforts of the prosecution and defense and concludes with verdict and sentence.
Subject(s): Nazi History; War Crimes; Nuremberg Trials
Vendor: Zenger Video

Nuremberg Trials
70 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
Russian-made documentary of the trial of Nazi war criminals includes historical footage of the Soviet Union before the German invasion. English dialogue.
Subject(s): War Criminals; Russia; Nuremberg
Vendor: Facets Multimedia, Inc.

Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial

50 minutes / Color / and BW 9th Grade+ / VHS
This documentary uses archival film footage, personal reminiscences and expert commentary to detail the events, courtroom strategies, and legal innovations of the judicial proceedings against the top Nazi war criminals.
Subject(s): Nuremberg Trials; Nazi War Crimes
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

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Occupation 1939-1945 (The Struggles for Poland)
58 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The unique filmed interviews, rare stills and archival film were discovered at the Sikorski Institute of London and from other sources world-wide. Special segments focus on the role of the Polish Underground; the creation of the Communist resistance; and the Home Army in Warsaw, which led an ill-fated uprising against the Germans in 1944.
Subject(s): Non-Jewish Resistance; Poland
Vendor: PBS Video

Of Pure Blood
100 min / Color / & BW / General Audience / VHS
The history of Hitler's attempts to breed the perfect Aryan race is traced through interviews and Nazi footage.
Subject(s): Eugenics
Vendor: Filmic Archives

On My Way to Father's Land
98 minutes / BW/Color General Audience / VHS
This is an account of a sons search of his fathers history. The film traces the fathers childhood memories of his native Vienna during the days of the Nazi occupation. It then traces his father's immigration to Palestine where he became a member of Israels first Knesset and his later founding of the Hebrew Communist Party.
Subject(s): Nazi Vienna; Displaced Persons
Vendor: National Center of Jewish Film

One Man
30 Minutes / BW / General Audience / VHS
A reconstruction of the case of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who disappeared from Budapest into the Iron Curtain after his heroic rescue of countless members of the Jewish community of that city from Nazi genocide. (Film in poor quality)
Subject(s): Raoul Wallenberg; Hungary; Righteous Gentiles
Vendor: Alden Films

One Survivor Remembers
39 Minutes / Color / General Audience
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Home Box Office present this special tribute in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the Holocaust and the Second World War. Through a series of interviews, photographs and footage shot in the actual locations of her memories, Gerda Weissmann Klein takes us on a journey of survival through one of the most devastating events in the history of mankind.
Subject(s): Survivor
Vendor: Direct Cinema Limited

The Only Way
86 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Focusing on one assimilated Jewish family, this film dramatizes how Danes from various backgrounds came together to help Jews escape imminent deportation. Out of a Jewish population totalling 8000, the Danes managed to save all but 1000. The film implies that other countries might have had more success in rescuing Jews if their citizens had made similar commitments.
Subject(s): Danish Rescue; Righteous Gentiles; Fiction
Vendor: Zenger Video

Opening the Gates of Hell
45 min / Color / & BW / Selected Audience / VHS
The Americans interviewed in this video are retired from the Armed Forces. They have chosen to remember and share their memories of the time when they liberated the concentration camps at the end of World War II. Graphic archival footage is included.
Subject(s): Liberation; Liberators; Ohrdruf; Buchenwald; Dachau; Nordhausen; Landsberg; Mauthausen
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

The Oppermanns (2 Parts)
221 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
Two-cassette mammoth West German TV production based on the novel by Leon Feuchtwanger about the Oppermann family, starting in the Nazi years of the 1930s, and their attempt to survive in Berlin against the forces of the Hitler regime. German dialogue with English subtitles.
Subject(s): Germany Rise of Nazism; Fiction
Vendor: Facets Multimedia, Inc.

The Other Side of Faith
26 min / Color / Adult / VHS
This film portrays in the words and feelings of its two principals a compelling story of heroism set against a time of inhuman brutality. The story of how a Jew was saved by a Polish Gentile.
Subject(s): Interview; Polish; Righteous Gentiles
Vendor: Documentaries International

Our Time in the Garden
15 min. / BW / JHS+ / VHS
This film is the true story of a young Jewish woman growing up in Berlin at the time of Hitler's rise to power. It begins as a vividly detailed chronicle of her charmed and secure life, which has its center in the familys walled garden. But outside, the anti-Semitism that had always existed becomes a shattering force, as the Nazis take control and her family reaches its fateful decision to abandon Germany forever.
Subject(s): Nazi Anti-Semitic Persecution Berlin
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

Out of the Ashes
60 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
This tape was part of the television series Heritage: Civilization and the Jews. Narrated by Abba Eban, it deals with the period of the 1930s through the Holocaust 1945.
Subject(s): History-Holocaust
Vendor: Film Inc.


40 minutes / General Audience / VHS
Jewish persecution in Nazi Germany between the years 1933-1938, until Crystal Night (Kristallnacht). Presented by Michael Shneider, accompanied by testimonies of witnesses who were teenagers at the time, and film footage and photographs.
Subject(s): German persecution of Jews
Vendor: Yad Vashem

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A Painful Reminder
69 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS 16mm
British, American and Russian soldiers recorded the actual moment of liberation of the concentration camps. Alfred Hitchcock helped bring together this footage and added interviews with survivors present at the liberation.
Subject(s): Liberation; Survivors; Concentration Camps
Vendor: First Run Features

The Papal Concert to Commemorate the Holocaust
90 minutes / Color / 7th Grade+ / VHS
A PBS documentary of the concert of April 7, 1994 to commemorate the Holocaust and to mark Vatican recognition of the State of Israel. Program features the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a variety of classical offerings.
Subject(s): Vatican
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

The Paper Bridge
95 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
In this documentary video filmaker, Ruth Beckerman, traces the historic roots of her parents from Eastern and Central Europe through the Holocaust and later settlement in Palestine. The film examines the small towns and the remnants of the Jewish communities of Bucovina, Romania, the small towns near Theresienstadt, Czchoslovakia as well as Viennia, her parents meeting place.
Subject(s): Jewish Life Eastern Europe
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

Paradise Camp
55 min, 50 sec / BW/Color General Audience / VHS
A documentary about the Theresienstadt camp (Terezin) in Czechoslovakia which the Nazis built as a transit camp for Jews bound for extermination in camps like Auschwitz. The film features survivors of Theresienstadt who tell about their experiences.
Subject(s): Theresienstadt; Terezin; Ghettos; Survivors
Vendor: The Cinema Guild, Inc.

Partisans of Vilna
130 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
This documentary explores Jewish resistance during WWII. It recounts the untold tale of the moral dilemmas facing the Jewish youth who organized an underground resistance in the Vilna Ghetto, and fought as partisans in the woods against the Nazis. This film features interviews in Hebrew, Yiddish and English, with the former partisans in Israel, New York City, Montreal and Vilna, interspersed with rare archival footage from 1939-1944. English sub-titles.
Subject(s): Resistance; Vilna
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

57 min / Color / Adult / VHS
This video is about a 65-year-old Norwegian arrested by the Nazis during World War II for his part in the Resistance when the Germans invaded Norway. Before liberation in 1945, he spent almost two years trying to survive in three concentration camps in Germany. His memories unfold against the backdrop of a Trans-Atlantic sailing race.
Subject(s): Righteous Gentiles; Resistance; Norway
Vendor: The New Film Company, Inc.

Past and Present
25 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
This video and its companion, From the Ashes, asks difficult questions about the proper way to memorialize those who perished during the Holocaust, and examines how history can easily be distorted and re-written.
Subject(s): Concentration camp; Sobibor; Polish People
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Past That Lives
65 min / BW / HS+ / VHS
This documentary is a highly personal portrait of the Dutch historian, Jacob Presser. He recounts his childhood in Amsterdams Jewish ghetto, his dual fascination with socialism and the Renaissance, and his happy marriage even as the world crumbled around him. As persecution of the Jews intensified, his students and wife were taken from him, and he was forced to go underground. This tape recounts the experiences that he and others had endured.
Subject(s): Survivors; Netherlands
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

The Pedestrian
97 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Maximilian Schell starred in and directed this stark drama of a successful German businessman who was a Nazi war criminal responsible for the annihilation of a Greek village. Although produced in 1974, the film has parallels to the present day Waldheim affair.
Subject(s): War Criminals; Greece; Fiction
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Persecuted & Forgotten (The Gypsies of Auschwitz)
54 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
This tape follows a group of German Gypsies as they returned to Auschwitz and come to terms with the horrors of their past. Through moving personal accounts, we learn of the Gypsy Police, the Institute for Racial Hygiene, and the doctor responsible for genealogical research that led to their imprisonment and liquidation. Many of the Gypsies interviewed in this eye-opening documentary also reveal the discrimination they still experience today.
Subject(s): Gypsies
Vendor: EBS Productions

Pillar of Fire Chapter 01 Destination Jerusalem
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
An analysis of the history of modern Zionism from the Dreyfus Trial through the middle of World War I. Included are the concepts of Theodor Herzl; the various views of the early Zionist Congresses; the condition of the Jews living in the Land of Israel in Turkish times; the nature, causes, and effects of the First and Second Aliyahs.
Subject(s): Zionism; Dreyfus Trial
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 02 The Arab Awakening (1918-1920)
50 min / 9Color & BW / HS+ / VHS
A description of the Arab leadership in the Palestine area during and immediately after World War I. The attitudes and role of the Emir Faisal of the Hejaz in the Arab politics of this era is especially stressed, as are the political arrangements with both Arabs and Jews made by Great Britain and France during World War I.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Arab Nationalism
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 03 Jewish People, Where are You? (the 1920s)
50 min / Color / & BW / / HS+ / VHS
The main currents of the Jewish People regarding the Jewish question. Liberalism, socialism and Zionism as solutions to Jewish questions. The Zionist Labour movement, its organization, its origin and influence on the yishuv in Erez Israel. Europe and the Jews in the 20s. Could the Jewish State have been established in 1921? Why wasnt it?
Subject(s): History of Zionism
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 04 The Valley is a Dream (the 1920s)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The Collectives: the Kvutza and Kibbutz the dream and the reality. Who the pioneers were who turned the dream into a reality. The Gdud Haavodah the Labour Brigade a dream and its failure. The Work Ethic. The lasting impact of the Second and Third Aliyah on Israeli society today. Elkind and his companions and the split in the Kibbutz movement of the 1950s.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Kibbutz
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 05 The Most Peaceful Spot in the Middle East (the 1920s)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
Who were the people who took part in the Fourth Aliyah? What was their influence on the life in Eretz Israel? Tel Aviv the first Hebrew city . . . Is this Altneuland? The correlation between the rise and fall in immigration in Eretz Israel and the condition of the Jews in the world and the immigration laws of the U.S. The bloody riots of 1929 (the British referred to them as the disturbances) and their influences on the Jewish settlements in Palestine.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Fourth (4th) Aliyah
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 06 The Crossroads (1929-1933)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
Haj Amin el-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem and the leader of Arab Palestinian national movement. Brit Shalom (Covenant of Peace), the Revisionist movement, the organized Yishuv, Brit HaBirionim Jewish desperados. Various currents, struggles and violence. The murder of the Labour Zionist, Haim Arlozorov.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Mufti of Jerusalem (Haj Amin el-Husseini); Haim Arlozorov
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 07 The Gathering Storm (1933-1935)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The German voters lead Germany and the free world into the darkest period in modern history. Can democracy commit suicide? The Fifth Aliyah who were these settlers and what did they contribute to the life in Erez Israel?
Subject(s): Rise of Nazism in Germany; History of Zionism; Fifth Aliyah
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 08 Disorder and Revolt (1936)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The Lord Peel Royal Commission and the idea of partition. Did the Arab resistance movement in Palestine constitute disorder, riots or revolt? What was the reaction of British Mandate authorities?
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Peel Commission; Arab Resistance Movement
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 09 Who's Afraid of a Jewish State? (1937-1938)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
Tower and Stockade the period and the people (there are those who compare this period to the actions of Gush Emunim). The underground; the Haganah, the Irgun (IZL), the Stern Gang, the Palmach the Jewish Forces.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Irgun; Haganah; Stern Gang
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 10 Trapped (1938-1939)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
Crystal Night the story of the St. Louis as a symbol of a lack of a Jewish Homeland. The White Paper of 1939. The beginning of illegal immigration (Aliyah Bet). Why were so many Jews blind to the coming extermination?
Subject(s): History of Zionism; White Paper of 1939; Kristallnacht; Illegal Immigration
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 11 Soldiers Without a Flag (1939-1941)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The struggle to form a Jewish Brigade. Cooperation between Jewish underground and British secret services. First rumors of Nazi atrocities reach Palestine.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Jewish Brigade; Nazi Atrocities
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 12 The Final Solution (1941-1942)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The Holocaust as heroism. Massada on the Carmel. Reports on the extent of the Holocaust arrive; why was their authenticity doubted? The exchange of German nationals who were supporters of the Nazis for Jews holding Palestine passports living in Europe. These Jews had seen what was happening and confirmed the existence of the Holocaust.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Wannsee Conference
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 13 Heroes and Martyrs (1942-1943)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The Warsaw Ghetto revolt as a symbol for Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. Revolts in other ghettos, concentration camps, work camps and other acts of heroism. Not as sheep to the slaughter.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Warsaw Ghetto; Resistance; Revolt
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 14 The Forgotten Ally (1943-1945)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The Jewish Brigade its establishment, aims and its part in the rescue of the Jews of Europe.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Rescue; Jewish Brigade
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 15 The Hundred Thousand (1935-1946)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The Jewish Resistance movement a new era in the relations between the three underground organizations. Anti-Semitism in Poland after the Holocaust. The world and dilemma of Holocaust survivors.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Resistance; Survivors
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 16 The Struggle (1946-1947)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The Jewish resistance movement after the blowing-up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The struggle between the underground movements. Was the collapse of the British Mandate in Palestine the result of Jewish underground actions, or the result of international pressure? What were the forces that caused Britain to take the Palestine question to the U.N.?
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Jewish Underground Resistance Palestine
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 17 The Tribunal of Nations (1947)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
Behind the scenes of the U.N. vote on partition. The partition map is presented, which includes only one-fifth of the territory promised to the Jews in the Balfour Declaration. The debates within the Zionist movements on the partition proposal.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; U.N. Partition of Palestine
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 18 The Silver Platter (1947-1948)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The strange fact that the Jews and Arabs were at war with one another while the British mandate was still in force and the British army still stationed in Palestine. Jerusalem the struggle for a capital before the birth of the state. The distribution of Jewish settlements in Palestine and the battles over free access roads.
Subject(s): History of Zionism
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

Pillar of Fire Chapter 19 We hereby Proclaim the Establishment of the State of Israel (1948)
50 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The military capabilities of the Jews on the eve of the Proclamation of Independence. The Arab countries and the Arabs of Palestine. The vote in Minhelet HaAm (Jewish Agency executive) on the Proclamation of Independence. Why did the U.S. exert pressure to postpone the Proclamation? Contents of the Proclamation.
Subject(s): History of Zionism; Israel Independence
Vendor: Department of Information World Zionist Organization

A Place to Save Your Life The Shanghai Jews
22 min / BW / General Audience / VHS
The documentary is the story of the Jewish refugee community in Shanghai during World War II. It features interviews with survivors together with photographs of the Shanghai ghetto into which the Japanese forced the Jews, but which protected them from Hitler's extermination plans.
Subject(s): Shanghai Ghetto; Survivors
Vendor: Filmakers Library

The Plot to Kill Hitler
93 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
This is the film based on the July 20th, 1944 plot by high-ranking Wehrmacht officers led by Colonel Claus von Staufenberg to assassinate Hitler in an attempt to save what was left of Germany in the closing year of World War II.
Subject(s): Claus von Staufenberg; Adolf Hitler; World War II; Nazi Germany; totalitarianism; Docu-drama
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

17 min / BW General Audience / VHS
Two films showing typical life of Polish shtetls of the 1920s and 1930s. They depict the social relations of Jews and Poles living side by side during the pre-World War II era. (Film is poor quality)
Subject(s): Shtetl; Poland
Vendor: Alden Films

A Portrait of Elie Wiesel
58 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
Wiesel might have been a victim, but he offers his own existence as living proof of another side of life. He suggests that every door opens another question. In an interview with this 1986 Nobel Prize winner, viewers share an intimate look into the life story of a man, truth and a world that witnessed the Holocaust. Pictures from archives, family albums and original artwork by Samuel Bak are interspersed as illustrations. The video does not rely on extensive use of film from the concentration camps, but on the haunting voice and expressive eyes of Wiesel to tell a tale of sorrow.
Subject(s): Elie Wiesel
Vendor: PBS Video

Precious Legacy
30 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
A film documentary on the extensive collection of art and Judaica from the Jewish community in Czechoslovakia before it was destroyed by the Nazis.
Subject(s): Czechoslovakia; Art
Vendor: The St. Louis Center for Holocaust Studies

Prejudice and Hate: Georgians & the Holocaust
25 min / General Audience / VHS
Documentary testimony about the Holocaust as given by Holocaust survivors living in Georgia (USA).
Subject(s): Survivors; Prejudice
Vendor: Georgia Commission on the Holocaust

Prelude to War (Why We Fight, Part I)
54 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
Documentaries in cooperation with the U.S. War Department, exploring why America joined the fight against the Axis powers.
Subject(s): History World War II
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Present Memory: Part 1: Changes 1920-1967
32 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
This tape chronicles the changing environment of older Jews living in America people from Poland and Austria, New Yorks Lower East Side, settlers in Palestine. Their memories reveal the way Jews saw themselves in the past. In their experiences of seventy years are the events that reshaped Jewish consciousness the Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel. This can serve as a background to current attitudes and events, or as a trigger for discussions of ethnic identity.
Subject(s): Jewish Ethnic Identity

Preserving the Past to Insure the Future
15 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
This video deals with the most tragic victims of the Holocaust, the one and a half million children whose only crime was to have been born Jewish. We join visitors, young, old, Jew, Gentile, white and black, as they express their profound shock at the incomprehensible realities with which they are confronted on their visit to Yad Vashem. Current news footage of racist violence around the world juxtaposed with poetry and art work of children who perished in camps.
Subject(s): Holocaust Children
Vendor: Ergo Media

Prisoners of War
30 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
The creator of the Witness to the Holocaust Project narrates his personal experiences as a prisoner of war in Hungary and then in German POW camps from July 1944 to April 1945. He explains how his imprisonment, subject to the terms of the Geneva Convention, differed dramatically from the treatment of the Jews in the concentration camps. Includes his personal collection of photos.
Subject(s): Concentration Camp; Prisoners of War
Vendor: Emory University

The Psychology of Neo-Nazism; Another Journey by Train to Auschwitz
52 min / Color / HS + / VHS
Four young, articulate neo-Nazis from England, France, Austria and Germany travel across Europe. In cafes, at rallies, and on trains, they talk about themselves, their love of Hitler, and their disbelief in the Holocaust.
Subject(s): Neo-Nazism; Holocaust Denial
Vendor: Films for the Humanities, Inc.

Purple Triangles

25 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
Documentary video detailing the persecution of Jehovahs Witnesses by the Nazi regime.
Subject(s): Jehovah's Witnesses; Nazi Persecution
Vendor: Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York

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The Quarrel

85 min / Color / Adult / VHS
This story, set in Montreal, details the resolution of an old conflict between two old friends one who abandoned the Jewish faith of his heritage and the other, an orthodox rabbi who started a Yeshiva in Montreal. Both are survivors of the Holocaust, and they nurse the wounds of both the Holocaust and of the fight they had the night one left Yeshiva for a life of worldly freedom. Fiction.
Subject(s): Fiction; Survivors; Religious conflict
Vendor: Apple and Honey Film Corp

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Raoul Wallenberg: Between the Lines
90 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
This film examines the political background against which Wallenberg worked, including the failures and the unwillingness of the United States to rescue Jews from German occupied Europe. The film also traces the events which led to his disappearance at the wars end in 1945 at the hands of the USSR.
Subject(s): Wallenberg; Righteous Gentiles; Rescue Hungary
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Raoul Wallenberg: Buried Alive
58 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Reconstructs the story of this young Swedish diplomat who saved the lives of at least 100,000 Jews before disappearing into Soviet prisons. Includes archival material showing the rise of the Arrow Cross Nazis in Hungary, footage of ghetto pogroms and death marches. Includes interviews with survivors who were saved by Wallenberg and with those who have reported seeing him alive after the war.
Subject(s): Raoul Wallenberg; Righteous Gentiles; Rescue
Vendor: Direct Cinema Ltd

The Real Julia
57 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
Muriel Gardiner, an American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, while a medical student in Vienna, risked her life working in the Austrian Resistance and helped scores of Jews and anti-Nazis escape to freedom.
Subject(s): Resistance; Austria; Women; Literature
Vendor: Altana Films

Religious Implications of the Holocaust
30 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
Three religion and theology professors discuss the meaning of the Holocaust, how it represents a realization of the worst aspect of modern society, and how the world must learn to recognize protest against the denials of rights of any people and a means of preventing future holocausts.
Subject(s): Human Rights; Religious/Theological Implications
Vendor: Emory University

Remembering the Darkness: The Sarah Lichtman Story
28 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
This is the story of one womans struggle for survival under Hitler's rule. Sarah Lichtman and her mother were deported to the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp and were later transported to the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. Sarahs younger sister joined the Jewish underground in the ghetto. In April 1945, Sarah and her mother were liberated. Her mother died one week after liberation. Her father survived Buchenwald.
Subject(s): Survivors; Concentration Camps
Vendor: Premeditated Media

Rescue in Scandinavia
55 min / Color / & BW / HS / VHS
This video focuses on the courageous acts Christian rescuers performed in order to guide thousands of Jews to safety in Sweden. Narrated by Liv Ullmann, it recounts the role of the Swedish government and its citizens in providing sanctuary for Jewish refugees. It details the assignment of Raoul Wallenberg with the assistance of Per Anger, who were credited with saving the lives of 100,000 Hungarian Jews. This video also tells about Finlands Ambassador Max Jakobson and his role in the rescue program, and pays tribute to the citizens of Denmark and Norway who saved the lives of their Jewish countrymen.
Subject(s): Rescuers; Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden; Righteous Gentiles
Vendor: Documentaries International

Resort 76 Theater at Lehigh
120 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
This play depicts how war reduces people to such a low level. It takes place in a ghetto where a group of Jews are in their hideout, fighting over a cat. Each one wants to use the cat for his or her own benefit. As one of the group states, When one is treated like an animal, one becomes an animal.
Subject(s): Ghetto; Fiction
Vendor: Theater at Lehigh Allentown

The Restless Conscience
113 min / Color / & BW / HS+ / VHS
This powerful and provocative feature documentary explores the motivating principles and activities of the anti-Nazi resistance inside Germany from 1933 to 1945. The film is a deeply moving portrayal of individual destinies, charting with dramatic power, passion and depth, the development of the underground resistance. This film highlights the tension between an individuals responsibility to a personal ethical code and to a tyrannical political system.
Subject(s): Anti-Nazis in Germany; Resistance; Ethics
Vendor: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Return to Historic Ghetto of Venice
60 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Produced by Regina Resnick, this video tape discusses the origins of the Ghetto of Venice and takes you on a tour of the Jewish Quarter in the city.
Subject(s): Venice Ghetto; Jewish History
Vendor: Anti-Defamation League

Return to Life
60 min / Color / & BW / General Audience / VHS
This is a documentary film about the problems faced by the 1-1/2 million European Jewish refugees displaced by the Holocaust at the close of World War II in 1945.
Subject(s): Displaced Persons; Survivors
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

Return to My Shtetl Delatyn
60 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
Willy Lindwer and his daughter accompanied his father back to Galicia in search of his fathers shtetl Delatyn. Sixty-one years after he had left Berl Nachim Lindwer wanted to not only find out what had happened to his family, which had perished in the Holocaust, he wanted to see the house where he had grown up and again walk the streets of his beloved shtetl. Unique historic film of pre-war shtetl life, juxtaposed with footage of this emotional pilgrimage make this video very special. English and Dutch with English subtitles.
Subject(s): Survivor; Shtetl life; Galicia; Delatyn; Cracow; Lvov; Stryz; Bolechov; Przemysl
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

21 min / BW / Adult / VHS
Reunion documents the liberation of prisoners from Nazi Camps and describes the formidable logistics of returning Displaced Persons to their homes after the war.
Subject(s): Survivors
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

Revolt of Job
97 min / Color / Adult / VHS
A WWII era parable of the biblical story of Job. The tragedy of a Hungarian Jewish family during the Holocaust is explored in this film. As the Nazis invade Hungary, an older Jewish couple adopts a young gentile orphan boy to survive them. Hungarian with English sub-titles.
Subject(s): Hungary; Fiction
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

Rhodes Forever
60 minutes / Color / General Audience / VHS
This documentary traces the story of the Jews of the island of Rhodes. Many of the Rhodes Jews perished in the Holocaust after Nazi Germany occupied Greece and its possessions. Some were able to escape to the Belgian Congo.
Subject(s): Sephardic Jews; Greece; genocide
Vendor: National Center for Jewish Film

The Righteous Enemy
84 min / Color / & BW / JHS+ / VHS
A documentary that reveals one of the most remarkable yet little known rescue operations of the Holocaust: the active protection given by Italian military and government officials to 40,000 Jews in Italian-occupied France, Greece and Yugoslavia.
Subject(s): Rescue; Jews Under Italian Occupation
Vendor: The National Center for Jewish Film

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler (Part I)
150 min / BW / General Audience / VHS
A comprehensive documentary biography of Hitler, detailing the career, motivations, and economic, psychological, political and social forces, and consequences of the Hitler regime.
Subject(s): Hitler; Nazi Germany; Third Reich
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler (Part II)
150 min / BW / General Audience / VHS
(See above.)
Subject(s): Adolf Hitler; Nazi Germany; Third Reich
Vendor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Part I: Rise of Hitler
30 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS
This film chronicles how Adolf Hitler and his political cohorts in the Nazi Party manipulated events during their countrys crisis to achieve power. The Third Reich is now only a painful memory, but the impact of Hitler and his short-lived Germanic empire cannot be erased.
Subject(s): History of Nazi Germany

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Part II: Nazi Germany: Years of Triumph
28 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS 16mm
Part II of the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, narrated by William L. Shirer, deals with Germany between 1933 and 1939, when some 67 million people willingly permitted themselves to become puppets of their Führer.
Subject(s): History of Nazi Germany

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Part IV: Nuremberg Trials
40 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS 16mm
Traces the trials and attempts to establish that those who conspire to wage war stand guilty of crimes against humanity.
Subject(s): History of Nazi Germany; Nuremberg

The Rise of Nazism: Terror and Tragedy
36 min / BW / JHS+ / VHS Filmstrip
This two part filmstrip returns to the end of World War I in Germany to set the stage for the emergence of Hitler's party. Seen in part I is the German nations past. World War I subjugation conditions that left the door open for Hitler's manipulation of the resentful German people. Part II shows events moving swiftly once Hitler is installed as chancellor. The Reichstag is burned; the Nuremberg Laws regulating the Jewish population are instituted; the Nazi government takes over the media and educational and economic institutions.
Subject(s): History of Rise of Nazis
Vendor: Random House School Division

The Road to Wannsee Eleven Million Sentenced to Death
50 min / Color / General Audience / VHS
On January 20, 1942, eleven million Jews were sentenced to death at Wannsee. In this compelling work we learn of Hitler's political rise to power in 1933, the neutralizing of his opponents, his political aims, and his obsession with the elimination of the Jews. This video includes interviews with historians of the caliber of Professors Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Eberhard Jackal of the Univeristy of Stuttgart. Dutch with English sub-titles.
Subject(s): Wannsee Conference
Vendor: Ergo Media Inc.

Robert Clary: A5714 A Memory of Liberation
60 min / Color / JHS+ / VHS
Clary, a star on Hogans Heroes, shows another side of himself that of a Holocaust survivor. It shows him returning to the streets of Paris, the railway lines of East Germany, and the Buchenwald concentration camp to retrace his tragic odyssey.
Subject(s): Concentration Camps; Survivors
Vendor: Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Rose Garden

152 min / Color / HS+ / VHS
Aaron Reichenbach is haunted by an event he witnessed during the final days of World War II: the murder of 20 children in a Nuremberg schoolhouse. Forty years following the Holocaust, Reichenbach finds himself on trial for assaulting an elderly businessman he believes responsible for the killings. The deliberately paced and haunting production raises questions about German culpability for the actions of the Nazis, bearing witness a generation after the war.
Subject(s): Nazi War Criminals
Vendor: Social Studies School Service

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