A.Proficiency Analysis - Manually
B.Proficiency Analysis - Online


B. Proficiency Analysis - School Data Direct

There are online resources that can assist in proficiency analysis.  For example, School Data Direct (an online service of the State Education Data Center) is a free website that provides many resources.  Here's an introduction to the site:

The State Education Data Center (SEDC) is a new service of the Council of Chief State School Officers, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of the Council's National Education Data Partnership. The SEDC will position itself as a leading voice on public education data and will focus on two work strands: (1) serving as a national advocacy leader for quality education data collection, standards, and use; and (2) serving as the nation's provider of a free, easy-to-use website featuring state education data and analytic tools. (http://www.schooldatadirect.org/).



Follow these steps to obtain information about your school and compare it with other schools. Note that the data on this site is also based on FCAT data (for Florida).

  1. Access School Data Direct at http://www.schooldatadirect.org/
  2. Select Comparisons from the menu.
  3. Step 1: Select Schools..
  4. Step 2: Select Plant City, Florida (or another city/state of your choice)..
  5. Click Search.
  6. Select 3 schools from the list than click Compare.
  7. Note comparison data that is provided (including multiple variables).
  8. Create a graph that compares the Reading Proficiency and Math Proficiency for the schools.

By looking at the graph, as well as the other information for each subgroup that is provided, you can compare many different aspects.