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Map of the Southeastern States, 1881

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Title: Map of the Southeastern States
Projection: Unknown
Source Bounding Coordinates:
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Description: This is a map explaining how to draw a map of the Southeastern United States. "1. Draw four horizontal and four vertical lines, as in the annexed sketch.You thus obtain a figure, divided into nine small squares. 2. Point A is the left-hand upper corner of a square. Point B is half the length of a square beyond the right-hand upper corner. Draw the vertical B C equal in length to half the side of a square. 3. Point D is the center of the side of a square. Prolong the vertical line which passes through D by half the length of a square, and you obtain point F. Draw a horizontal line through F; point E is on this line. E F is equal to B C. 4. Point G is the centerof the side of a square and point H is at the corner of a square. Connect these points by straight lines, and you obtain the fundamental figure of the South-eastern States. Draw the land boundaries and the coast line of this section. 5. The line A B marks the northern boundary of Tennessee, and nearly that of North Carolina. C D roughly marks the coast from Cape Hatteras to the mouth of the Atlamaha. 6. The line D E roughly marks the eastern coast of Florida, and the line F G, the western. Cape Sable is near the line E F. The line G H roughly marks the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. 7. Draw rivers, the state boundaries, and then the mountains. Locate the principal cities, and letter the map. 8. The length of the side of a square is a little over 220 miles. Hence, the width of Tennessee is about 110 miles, or half the side of a square. From the northern boundary to Tennessee to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico is about 440 miles, and to Cape Sable, over 770 miles." —Von Steinwehr, 1881.
Source: A. Von Steinwehr & D.G. Brinton, An Intermediate Geography with Lessons in Map Drawing (Cincinnati, OH: Van Antwerp, Bragg & CO, 1881)
Map Credit: Courtesy the private collection of Roy Winkelman
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 FL Maps > State > 1880-1899 > Map of the Southeastern States, 1881