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View of the city of Tallahassee, State capital of Florida, 1885

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Title: View of the city of Tallahassee, State capital of Florida
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Description: An aerial view of the City of Tallahassee, the State Capital of Florida in 1885. Perspective map not drawn to scale. General topography of the city is shown in this bird's-eye-view, along with agricultural lands and groves, the Capital Building, other major buildings, roads, and railways. Numbered points of interest are shown on the following table:
1. Capitol 25. The Economist Office
2. County Court House 26.. C. Lewis and Sons, Bankers
3. University of Florida 27. The Tallahassee Real Estate Exchange
4. State Seminary 28. Wm. P. Slusser & Co., General Merchandise
5. Lincoln Academy 29. M. Lively, Drugs and Medicines
6. University Library 30. R. & J. Munroe, General Merchandise
7. Gallie's Hall 31. Cole S. Dickenson, General Merchandise
8. Masonic and I. O. O. F. Hall 32. Y. A. Levy, General Merchandise
9. Post Office 33. A. Gallie Jr., General Merchandise and Bakery
10. Depot F. R. & R. Co. and St. Marks R.R. 34. Geo. P. Raney, Judge Circuit Court
11. Leon Hotel, J. M. Lee, Prop. 35. D. S. Walker, Judge Circuit Court
12."The Morgan," Geo. C Morgan, Prop. 36. C. A. Bryan, Clerk of Circuit Court
13. St. James Hotel, George A. Lamb, Prop.37. R. W. Williams, Attorney at Law
14. Episcopal Church 38. John A. Henderson, Attorney at Law
15. Presbyterian Church 39. F. T. Myers, Attorney at Law
16. Methodist Church 40. Geo. W. Betton, M. D.
17. Baptist Church 41. T. J. Perkins, Commission Merchant
18. Catholic Church and Convent 42.. C. Kemper, Livery Stable
19. Colored Methodist Churches 43. Geo. Lewis' Residence
20. Colored Baptist Churches 44. Edward Lewis' Residence
21."The Murat Place" Residence of Prince Murat, son of the king of Naples 45. W. C. Lewis' Residence
22. Groves of Prince and Princes Murat 46. R. C. Long's Residence
23. Site of Fort San Luis 47. R. W. Williams' Residence
9. The Floridian Office 48. D. Cook's Residence
24. The Land of Flowers Office 49. F. R. & N. R. R. Shops

Source: Henry Wellge, LC Panoramic maps (2nd ed.), 118 (Milwaukee, WI: Norris, Wellge & Co., 1885) 118
Map Credit: Courtesy of the Library of Congress
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 FL Maps > Local > Leon > View of the city of Tallahassee, State capital of Florida, 1885