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Performance Tasks

Performance Tasks for Algebraic Thinking for K- 5

This section contains a number of questions for students to answer. The tasks also contain the specific Sunshine State Standards being used. These tasks were originally developed as part of a DOE supported project, Algebraic Thinking for K-5, directed by Dr. Michael Hynes at the University of Central Florida.

Lizards and Snakes: working with logic
Pocket Count: analyzing graphs
Quilting Pattern: determining patterns on a quilt
Seating Problem: arranging seats at a table according to a pattern
Seal Problem: deciding how much a cube and a cone weigh
Stairs: building sets of stairs, creating patterns with stairs

Performance Tasks for Elementary Mathematics for Grade 5

In this section, objectives are provided to achieve a mathematical goal. Each lesson plan is correlated to the Sunshine State Standards and included a list of materials needed, recommendations for student arrangement, and performance criteria. These tasks were originally developed by Pinellas County teachers.

Elementary Mathematics Performance Tasks Overview: what are performance tasks and how can they be scored?
Grade 5 Performance Tasks Answer Key: answers to all performance tasks
Adding and Subtracting Decimals: constructing a bar graph, analyzing data
Adding and Subtracting Fractions: adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators
Dividing Whole Numbers: 1-Digit Divisors: dividing by 1-digit numbers, finding mean, median and mode
Dividing Whole Numbers: 2-Digit Divisors: dividing by 2-digit divisors, solving to find the least and greatest quotient
Geometry: understanding intersecting, parallel and perpendicular lines, identifying angles, symmetry and congruency
Ratio and Probability: finding the probability of an event
Multiplying and Dividing Decimals: multiplying whole numbers by decimals, dividing decimals by whole numbers
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions: multiplying whole numbers and fractions, working with range of numbers
Multiplying Whole Numbers: multiplying up to 5-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, finding area
Understanding Fractions and Mixed Numbers: reading and writing fractions and mixed numbers, estimating lengths
Understanding Numbers: reading and writing whole numbers to billions, comparing whole numbers
Using Addition and Subtraction: estimating and calculating sums and differences of 3-digit to 6-digit numbers

Performance Tasks for Program Evaluation for Elementary Grades

This section includes various mathematical performance tasks. Each task begins by labeling the Sunshine State Standards being used. The tasks also contain notes for teachers and materials, if any, are needed to complete the task. To conclude the performance tasks, questions are offered for students to answer. These tasks were originally developed as part of a DOE supported project, Florida K-5 Program Evaluation, directed by Dr. Michael Hynes at the University of Central Florida.

Corn Crop: planning a garden working with shapes and positioning of plants
How Big Are We?: measuring height and lengths
Trail Mix: reading a letter and determining if the fractions are correct
Snack Mix: making a snack for a group, working with fractions

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