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Each lesson in this course contains an evaluation checklist. Satisfactory completion of all activities will be awarded a maximum of 150 activity points, which can translate into 30 in-service/component points.

Prerequisite Skills

To take this class, you should have intermediate computer skills and familiarity with using the Internet. This class is not a "how-to"  course (other classes may be available that focus on learning to use a scanner, digital camera, etc.). Instead, this class focuses on integration -- designing multimedia projects and lessons that will engage students in authentic learning experiences. Specifically, the following skills are recommended before registering for this class:

  • Word processing
  • Accessing Web pages with a browser such as Safari or Internet Explorer
  • Familiarity with a multimedia software program, such as PowerPoint or an HTML editor (DreamWeaver, etc.).
  • Scanning or downloading images from the Internet

Realizing that you and your students may not have ready access to a wealth of multimedia hardware and software, this course only requires one multimedia "product" -- your final project. In other words, if you have a scanner in your classroom, but do not have access to a digital video camera, your final project can incorporate scanned images, rather than digital movies.


    Is Online Learning for You?

Not everyone should enroll in an online class. In addition to the minimum hardware and software requirements and Internet access, certain aptitudes and attitudes are also required.

Before you decide to take this class, please take the time to access the following online assessment to see if online courses will meet your learning and life styles. This will assist in making your online experience a successful one.

Are Distance Learning Courses for Me? (College of DuPage)

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This course was developed in partnership between the Pinellas School
and the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at USF.
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