Photos: Life in Other Ghettos

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The Lvov ghetto, shown here in the spring of 1942, was established in late 1941.
The Lvov ghetto also included some houses. Lvov is a city in the Ukraine about 250 miles southeast of Warsaw, Poland.
Close-up of a child working at a machine in a Kovno ghetto workshop.
A German policeman checks the identification papers of Jews in the Krakow ghetto.
A group of Jews chop furniture to use as fuel in the Krakow ghetto.
Three elderly Jews walk arm-in-arm through the streets of Krakow during the final liquidation action of the ghetto.
Jews wait in line on a street corner in the Krakow ghetto. The sign in Polish reads, "Souvenirs from Krakow."
View of the arched entrance to the Krakow ghetto.
A typical room in a ghetto.
By order of the governor, K. G. Wächter, on March 3, 1941, the Jewish population in Krakow was forced to move to the ghetto.
Some Ghetto wall made of barbed wire running down the center of a street.

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