Archival Ghetto and Camp Photographs

The visuals in this section have been grouped into 19 galleries. Click on the sample thumbnail photo to view all of the images in any gallery.
The Warsaw Ghetto, I. Scenes of ghetto life including arrival of inmates, the Jewish police, and the walls. Also, samples of ghetto money and ration cards. (11 photographs)
The Warsaw Ghetto, II. Scenes of ghetto life including crowded streets, forced labor, smuggling, and homeless children. Also includes Dr. Ringelblum and the Warsaw Ghetto Archives. (16 photographs)
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, I. Dramatic images of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and its fiery conclusion. (30 photographs)
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, II. Dramatic images of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and its fiery conclusion. (31 photographs)
Lódz Ghetto. Street scenes and photographs of ghetto currency, stamp, and newspaper. (13 photographs)
Life in Other Ghettos. Images of life in other Polish ghettos outside of Warsaw including a marketplace, an execution, money, and a ghetto newspaper. (11 photographs)
Deportation. Scenes of forced deportations of Jews to various camps. Also one view of plundered household goods. (14 photographs)
Einsatzgruppen. Scenes of executions by the mobile killing squads. Also a map of the Baltic states and White Russia from an Einsatzgruppe report submitted February 1, 1942. (5 photographs, 1 map)
Forced Labor. Photographs of prisoners being used as forced labor. (16 photographs)
Auschwitz-Birkenau. Views of Auschwitz, Birkenau, and the sub-camp of Trzebnia include buildings, liberation, storerooms of goods confiscated from prisoners, and aerial photographs. (25 photographs)
Buchenwald. Scenes of the registration and execution of inmates, the crematorium, and confiscated property. (9 photographs)
Dachau. Views of the camp, prisoner identification symbols, and the evacuation of the camp. (16 photographs)
Majdanek. Photographs showing buildings, Zyklon B, and mountains of shoes. (7 photographs)
Mauthausen. Views of the camp and its liberation by Americans. (9 photographs)
Other Camps 1933-45. Images include transport to the camps, camp life, and the evacuation of the camps. (26 photographs)
Camp Orchestras. Inmate musicians performing at Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Janowska, and Westerbork Camps. (6 photographs)
Liberation, I. Scenes of Allied troops advancing into German territory and the liberation of the camps. Also, troops holding a memorial service for FDR. (21 photographs)
Liberation, II. Views of the camps immediately following liberation as well as inspection tours by General Eisenhower. (25 photographs)
Germans Confront Nazi Atrocities. Photographs of Germans forced to view Nazi atrocities and help with the burial of victims. (10 photographs)

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