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Gallery: Aerial Photos

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1964. Aerial view of Missile Row, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

1966. Aerial view of the Apollo Saturn V Facilities Test vehicle rolling out of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and heading to Launch Complex 39A. This test vehicle, designated the Apollo Saturn 500F, will never make the journey to the moon. However, it is being used to verify launch facilities, train launch crews, and develop test and checkout procedures.

1999. Aerial view of the Launch Complex 39 area shows the Vehicle Assembly Building, with the Launch Control Center on its right.

A vantage point high atop the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) shrinks the size and scale of the orbiter Atlantis as it is rolled from the Orbiter Processing Facility to the VAB.

KSC's Launch Complex 39 is strategically located next to a barge site and a variety of structures, including a Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), Orbiter Processing Facilities (OPF), Press Site, Launch Control Center (LCC), and a crawlerway to the pads (1998).

Global city lights. The Eastern U.S., Europe, and Japan are brightly lit by their cities, while the interiors of Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America remain (for now) dark and lightly populated.


Home > Photos > NASA > Aerial Photos
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