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Florida, 1917
This map of Florida shows county boundaries, wetlands, and railroads connecting major cities current to 1917 There is an inset map of the Southern portion of the state....

Seaboard Air Line Railroad and Connections, 1917
Route map of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad current to 1916 running from New York to Key West. This portion of the map shows shipping routes into Savannah Georgia, between Miami and Nassau, Tampa and Key west, and Key West and Havana....

Florida, 1918
A map of Florida showing major cities and county seats, waterways, and railroad lines current to 1918. Okeechobee/Everglades drainage canals are shown including the proposed West Palm Beach canal. Map scale is 1 inch equals 39 statute miles....

Automobile Map of Florida, 1919
Road map of Florida showing major cities with connecting first-class and fair roads current to 1919. The 1919 Florida license plate was black figures on an orange background. Speed limit: Reasonable and proper with a maximum speed limit of 25 mph. ...

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  FL Maps > State > 1900-1919
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