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Thinking about creating a web site for your school can be very intimidating, especially if you have not previously had the opportunity to take part in a similar process. Developing a web site for your school requires an investment of thought, time, and resources, just as it does for any worthwhile project. This chapter gives you an idea of how the whole process can be approached in manageable steps. In order to guide you, we have organized the steps into four major phases: Decide, Design, Develop, and Evaluate & Maintain.

The DDD-E model

An overview of the phases is shown in the figure below. Evaluation is a key component throughout the entire process. In addition to a final evaluation in step four; evaluation is also included in each of the three initial phases. From the feedback you receive you may decide to go back and alter decisions made in the Decide phase to better accomplish your goals for the web site. Or you may realize that an important topic was omitted which requires you to go back to the Design phase and ultimately the Develop phase as you make your additions. Although careful preparation can help ensure well-informed decisions later on, realize that you will not be following a strictly linear process.




Evaluate and Maintain

In the following chapters we will examine each phase and provide detailed guidelines and tools to help you along the way.

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