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The Children of Auschwitz. Several of the 180 child survivors of Auschwitz display their tattooed numbers. (8 seconds, 800K)
Aerial View of Auschwitz-Birkenau. (8 seconds, 844K)
Degenerate Art Exhibit. (5 seconds, 508K)
Star of David. Street scene in a ghetto showing Jews wearing the Star of David. (5 seconds, 780K)
Ghetto Street Scene. (7 seconds, 728K)
Kristallnacht. (5 seconds, 520K)
Hitler Gives the Jews a City. Clip from a Nazi propaganda film created to give a false impression of conditions within Terezín. (5 seconds 472K)
Auschwitz Survivors. A glimpse of the bleak conditions for the 5,803 survivors of Auschwitz. (5 seconds, 468K)
Victims Being Loaded into Freight Cars. (6 seconds, 600K)
Auschwitz Nightmares. A survivor of Auschwitz describes the nightmares that continue to haunt him. (9 seconds, 848K)
The Warsaw Ghetto. Deportation of ghetto residents to the Treblinka extermination camp in the summer of 1942. (5 seconds, 564K)
Deportation of Dutch Jews. Thirty-four thousand Dutch Jews were deported from the Westerbork Transit Camp to extermination camps in the East. (15 seconds, 1.4 MB)
Hitler Opens the 1936 Olympics. (19 seconds, 2.5MB)

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