A.School Improvement Cycle
B.Leadership Teams
C.Formulating Questions
Assignments and Evaluation Checklist


A. School Improvement Cycle

The school improvement process is a continuous cycle of Plan, Do, Study, and Act. The model helps to maximize improvement efforts by systematically studying data, exploring the implications for instruction, and modifying instruction to address these implications.

School Improvement Cycle

We will use the School Improvement Cycle as an organizing theme for this course. The lessons are structured in the following sequence:

  1. Plan -- Form teams and formulate questions that can be addressed through data.
  2. Do -- Collect data from various educational aspects, such as achievement records, demographics, and perceptions.
  3. Study -- Analyze the data, looking for trends and patterns.
  4. Act -- Pose hypotheses, refine strategies, and formulate an action plan.


Read the article, Vision to Know and Do: The Power of Data as a Tool in Educational Decision Making. Note the 10 Reasons to Bring Data into the Decision-making Equation. Can you think of additional reasons that would benefit your students?