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A. Inventory the Available Hardware and Software Resources
B. Determine the Grouping Strategy
C. Determine the Length of the Activity
D. Lesson Plans with Multimedia Activities

C. Determine the Length of the Activity

Multimedia activities can range in duration from a few minutes to an entire year -- even longer if you include the compilation of an electronic portfolio.

Short Term Multimedia Activities

A short term multimedia activity is designed to be completed in one to three class periods. Short term activities might involve the following:

  • Creating a concept map for a story
  • Scanning and sending photos to students in another country
  • Writing a story and illustrating it with a picture or a scan of a family item
  • Creating fact families from digital images
  • Using iMovie to sequence familiar daily events
  • Developing reading skills by reading along with the movie
  • Using a spreadsheet program to make graphs that compare the length of students' bones to the length of their bodies

Longer Term Multimedia Activities

A longer term multimedia activity will typically take between one week and a month in a classroom setting. Examples of longer term activities include:

  • Producing a digital movie about the community
  • Creating movies to train other students on using technology
  • Creating an animated movie out of pictures created in art class
  • Constructing a multimedia book report with sound, video, and images
  • Creating a family tree using scanned photographs and a presentation tool
  • Creating a digital portfolio of student or class projects
  • Scripting and producing a commercial

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