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A. Decide on Relevant Standards and Benchmarks
B. Decide if Multimedia is Appropriate
C. Decide on Learning Outcomes
D. Decide on Appropriate Assessment Measures


D. Decide on Appropriate Assessment Measures

After the standards and learning outcomes have been identified, your next step is to decide how students' mastery or understanding will be assessed. For a short-term activity, this may consist of observation, a quiz, or successful completion of a task. For long-term activities, assessment should be on-going and may include measures such as observations, quizzes, self-assessments, and performance tasks.

Although assessment options will be discussed in more detail in Lesson 5: Evaluation, it is important to emphasize that they need to be addressed in all phases -- beginning in the Decide phase. By examining how the outcomes will be assessed in the beginning of a project, you can ensure that the learning outcomes are appropriate and measurable. In addition, it is important to provide students with a list of evaluation criteria and standards for an activity at its onset. In that way, students know what is expected of them.

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