FCIT Directory


Dr. James Welsh


Dr. Ann Barron
Dr. Cathy Cavanaough
Dr. Kara Dawson
Dr. Nathan Fisk
Dr. Christine Harmes
Dr. Albert Ritzhaupt

Faculty Support

Huiruo Chen
Jennifer Hart
Gianina S. Hayes
Beth Jordan
Jon Marsley
Gerard Sukhram
Ora D. Tanner
Matt Turner
Eraldine Williams-Shakespeare


Ryan Dial
Dr. Chet Lyskawa
Richard MacLemale

Graphic Arts

Kyle McKinney
James Seaman
Nathan Wolkenhauer

Product Design & Development

Megan Cross
Maci Devaney
Shelby Di Vincenzo
Adam Galatioto
Lorraine Montgomery
Allison Papke
Taylor Papke
Lindsay Persohn
Bradley Stager
Dr. Roy Winkelman

Regional Trainers

Laura Ahern
Maria Alves
Angela Amos
David Anderson
Deborah Becton
John Bouchard
Bev Cameron
Theresa Carpenter
Barbara Cavanah
Linda Cobb
Marsha Cruce
Leslie Daniels
Milene Del Rio
Daryl Diamond
Po Dickison
Kari Doucette
Wendy Drexler
Candy Duff
Tony Dutra
Eric Englert
Terri Friedlander
Elyse Friedman-Brunt
David Futch
Marla Gangler
Margie Garland-Aguilar
Crystal Gasell
Amanda Gold
Teresa Gunter-Jackson
Kristine Haller
Sylvia Hernandez
Kathy Hobbs
Susan Holtzworth
Lois Hooper
Dawn Howard
Norma Jennings
Lynn Jones
Sharron Kennedy
Hope Kennedy
Abigail Kennedy
Camille Kerr
Michelle Kleisley
Maureen Knipper
Lee Kolbert
Nancy Kuznicki
Karen Leach
John Lien
Margaret Livingston
Mijana Lockard
Pauline Luther
JoBeth Marano
Shawna May
Flo McGee
Mavis McLean
Ana McMoran
Clint Moles
Angella Morris
Mark Motl
Patricia J. Nicholson
Christopher Nitti
Jennifer O’Dell
Alvin Olivo
Emma Palomo
Lynn Parker
Maria Peebles
Susan Phillips
Becky Phillips
Mary Pringle
Virginia Richard
Linda Robinson
Jeanne Rogers
Sheila Ryan
Linda Sanders
C. David Schneider
Kathy Schofield
Karen Seddon
Erma Sever
Pam Smith
Ann Smith
Bradley Smrstick
Cody Stanley
Glen Stroman
Sharon Sudduth
John Summers
Kristie Taylor
Kay Teehan
Susan Thomas
Brad Underhill
Kathy Van Vleet
Gayle Weaver
Sheantika Wiggins
Adam Wolford
Cheryl Woolwine
David Young
Beth Zerkowski

Summer Film Camp

Alexandra La Spina
Brittany Udell
Diedre Allen
Elizabeth Garcia
Katie Reed Clark
Katiria Cortez

NOTE: Directory includes currently active staff, contract personnel, volunteers, work-study students, and credits for for past projects.



About FCIT

The Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT) is located at the University of South Florida. For over forty years, FCIT has collaborated with the Florida Department of Education, the US Department of Education, and education professionals worldwide to improve technology integration in education at all levels. As part of the Division of Lifelong Learning within the USF Office of University Community Partnerships, FCIT specializes in evaluation, research, professional development, software development, and consultation. Our grant-funded projects include collaborations with every school district in Florida, focusing on enhancing technology integration in K-12 education.

FCIT operates the USF Office of Youth Experiences (YXP), which helps young people explore their futures, discover their passions, and connect with the University of South Florida. YXP supports summer camps, field trips, classroom guest speakers, afterschool and weekend programs, competitions, exhibitions, and public events.

FCIT’s free resource websites average over two million hits per school day from nearly 200 countries and territories. These sites are specifically designed to support K-12 curriculum with age-appropriate content and no advertising. Our fully-online iTeach Professional Learning courses for teachers and administrators begin each month. The TIM Tools suite of technology integration evaluation tools is a subscription service used by public and private schools, districts, and ministries of education worldwide. The suite includes a perceptions and uses survey, a lesson observation tool, a survey creator, and support for action research in the classroom.

Contact Information

Email: TIM@fcit.us
Phone: 813-974-1640


Mailing Address

4202 E Fowler Ave LIB 618
Tampa, FL 33620


USF Faculty and Student Support

Email: iteachlounge@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-6816

Support for USF College of Education students and faculty is provided through the iTeach Lounge in EDU252.

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