January 12: Charles Perrault

On this date in 1628, the French writer known for laying the foundation of the “fairy tale” genre was born.

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Blue Beard

Blue Beard is a frightening fairy tale about a cruel man who won over his wives with his riches and murdered them if they disobeyed his orders. Available from the Lit2Go website. Duration: 11 minutes. Reading level: 6.8. Word count: 2,415. Also available as a PDF.

Charles Perrault Portrait

Portrait of Charles Perrault (1628–1703) from the ClipArt ETC website.

Jack and the Bean-Stalk

Jack and the Bean-Stalk is an adventurous fairy tale about a boy Jack and his encounter with giants. Available from the ClipPix ETC website. Duration: 31 minutes. Reading level: 7.8. Word count: 5,128. Also available as a PDF.