July 30: Emily Brontë

On this Date in 1829, Emily Brontë was born. She and her two sisters all become well-known English novelists. Enjoy free audiobooks of Emily’s Wuthering Heights and Poems of Emily Brontë from the Lit2Go website.

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Emily Brontë Portrait

Portrait of Emily Brontë by FCIT. Based on a painting by her brother Patrick Branwell Brontë. Some sources claim that Patrick painted the original of Anne, not Emily.

Listen to Wuthering Heights on Lit2Go

Wuthering Heights is Emily’s only novel. She died a year after it was published. You can listen to Wuthering Heights on the Lit2Go website.

Poems of Emily Brontë

All three Brontë sisters wrote poetry. Here is a collection of Emily’s poems from the Lit2Go website.

Charlotte Brontë's The Professor

The Professor tells the story of a young man named William Crimsworth, from his formative years to his appointment as a teacher at an all-girls school. Free audiobook available from Lit2Go.

Jayne Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre, an orphan, must find her own way in the world while learning about friendship, family, love, trust, societal roles–and how to deal with dark secrets. Free audiobook available from Lit2Go.

Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë

Emily’s younger sister, Anne Brontë was also a novelist. You can listen to her novel, Agnes Grey on the Lit2Go website.