Town Mouse and Country Mouse Resources

This collection of images is for use with the “Town Mouse and Country Mouse” post in the “Using Digital Content” blog. Scroll down for the cartoon animal images.


“Rental Property” Photos

Magdalena House

Ranch house in Castolon, Texas.

Belize City Home

A wood-framed house in Belize City, Belize.


High-rise condominiums on Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

Timucuan Hut

Reconstruction of a Native American hut at the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve.

Abe Rubel House

This Colonial Revival style house was built in 1904 in Corinth, Mississippi.

Ahwahnee House

This type of house was used by the Miwok people, who lived in the Yosemite Valley.

Lichtenstein's House

This Roy Lichtenstein sculpture called “House 1” is located at the National Galley of Art Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC.

Westinghouse Castle

The façade of Westinghouse Castle in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania.

Lifeguard Hut

A colorful lifeguard hut on South Beach, Florida.

Baker House

A two-and-a-half story brick building at Old Economy Village in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

Alvino House

This house is constructed from adobe bricks and is the oldest surviving adobe structure in the Big Bend National Park.


The chickee (from the Seminole word for “house”) was developed during the early 1800s when the Seminoles were pursued by U.S. troops.

The Cà d'Zan

The former residence of John and Mable Ringling in Sarasota, Florida.

Council House

A fish-eye view of the reconstructed council house at Mission San Luis de Apalachee.

Log House

The McMullen-Coachman Log House is the oldest existing structure in Pinellas County, Florida.

Flagler First Condominium Building

Built as a bank in 1923, this condo is located in Miami, Florida.

Cartoon Animal Characters

Select from the following images for use in your Town Mouse and Country Mouse project. Additional animal cartoons may be found on the Presentations ETC website.