April 21: Spanish-American War Begins

April 21, 1898 marks the beginning of the Spanish-American War. On that date Spain severed diplomatic relations with the US and declared war two days later. In response, the US declared that a state of war had existed since April 21.

Spanish-American War Banner

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Maps of Cuba

Maps of Cuba, 1898 through 1920 from FCIT’s Maps ETC website.

Maps of the Philippines

Two dozen maps of the Philippine Islands that became a possession of the United States after the Spanish-American War. The example image above is from 1899.

Span-Am War General Stereoviews

Stereoviews of the Spanish-American War including troops on the move, supply transportation, and the “Maine” wreck. Red/blue 3D glasses required.

Span-Am War Camps Stereoviews

Stereoviews photos of soldiers passing the time writing letters home, waiting in line for food, or just relaxing. Red/blue 3D glasses required.

Span-Am War Calvary Stereoviews

Stereoviews of Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” and other members of the cavalry preparing for action. Red/blue 3-D glasses required.

Listen to The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt

Passage describing the Rough Riders’ journey through Tampa on their way to Cuba. Excerpt from The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt, 1899.

3D in 2D

All of the 3D stereoview photos converted to regular 2D photos for viewing without the special 3D glasses. Images are from the Exploring Florida website.

War Preparation in Tampa, FL

Historic photos of preparations in Tampa for the invasion of Cuba. Image above is of the Tampa Bay Hotel grounds.

Arlington Memorials

Spanish-American War memorials at Arlington National Cemetery from the ClipPix ETC website. Image above is the mast of the U.S.S. Maine memorial.

Span-Am War Drawings

Black-and-white line drawings of the Spanish-American War from the ClipArt ETC website. The image above is the capture of Manila.