Understanding how to represent proportions, including fractions and percentages, is an important real-world math skill. FCIT has contemporary and historic photos, clip art, maps, and many other free resources that can provide examples of proportions as well as authentic connections to other subject areas. Here are 8 examples from different FCIT collections!

1. What fraction represents the number of birds with wings straightened versus wings curved?

Four pelicans fly over Biscayne National Park in Homestead, FL.

View this photo and others from Biscayne National Park on the ClipPix ETC website.

2. Write a proportion that compares the proportion the number of flamingos to the number of ibises in this photo.

White ibises and flamingos in the water at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, FL.

View this photo and other photos of flamingos on the ClipPix ETC website.

3. Estimate the percentage of cookie remaining in this photo.

Chocolate chip cookie.

View this photo and a whole gallery of cookies on the ClipPix ETC website.

4. Estimate the percentage of purple flowers, yellow flowers, and white flowers in this photograph.

A flowerbed at the Frankfurt Palmengarten.

View this photo and over 900 more flower photos on the ClipPix ETC website.

5. What percentage represents the number of women in this illustration?

Benjamin Franklin interacting in French society.

View this illustration and over 500 additional illustrations from the American Revolution era on the ClipArt ETC website.

6. What percentage of people are standing in this photo?

Students and teachers pose for a school photo in Tampa around 1900.

View this photo and other historic class photos on the Exploring Florida website.

7. What percentage of people in this photograph are soldiers?

Nuns from Academy of Holy Names in Tampa with US soldiers stopping in Tampa on their way to the Spanish-American War.

View this photo and 50 other historic photos af the Spanish-American War on the Exploring Florida website.

8. What fraction represents the ratio of incorporated vs. unincorporated cities and towns in Dade County, FL?

Miami-Dade County Cities Outline Map, 2009

View this map and many other historic Miami-Dade County maps on the Exploring Florida Maps website.

For related images of fractions, see our fractions galleries of illustrations and photos.

Nate Wolkenhauer is a veteran elementary educator with experience teaching in Florida and Pennsylvania. While teaching, he focused on student engagement and technology integration in the classroom and was recognized as one of the top educators in the state of Florida by the Florida Department of Education. As the current Assistant Director of FCIT, he works to build curriculum and programs promoting technology integration in K-12 classrooms and informal education environments.

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