This is the fifth in the Photo of the Month series. Each month, I select one photo from the ClipPix ETC website and give a few examples of how teachers can make connections to various subject areas or use the photo a springboard for class discussion or individual research.

I took this photo in February of 2014 at the Gran Quivira Contact Station Exhibit, Pueblo Missions National Monument, New Mexico. It’s one of several dozen pottery photographs from the exhibit. Use the resources below to learn more about this distinctive style of pottery and the people who made it.

Learn More about Salinas Pottery

Learn more about Salinas pottery in this two-page PDF extract from the Gran Quivra iBook.

Chupadero Pottery Activity

Directions for making a Chupadero-style coil pot from the Gran Quivira iBook.

View More Salinas Pottery Examples

This ClipPix ETC photo gallery includes other examples of Chupadero black-on-white pottery, red ware, axes, and other artifacts from the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument.

Gran Quivira iBook

The Gran Quivira: A Blending of Cultures in a Pueblo Indian Village iBook is the story of the Native American Puebloan People and the Spanish attempt to bring roughly 10,000 American Indians into Spanish society. Created by FCIT for the NPS as a part of the Hispanic Heritage iBook series. 76 pages + 76 glossary terms, 52 MB download

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