May 30: DeSoto Lands in Florida

On this date in 1539, Hernando DeSoto landed in Florida.

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Age of Exploration Illustrations

Over 100 illustrations are available from the 1492-1606 Exploration gallery on the ClipArt ETC website.

"Hernando DeSoto in America" Stills

Over 200 still photos extracted from the “Hernando DeSoto in America” movie on the Exploring Florida website.

DeSoto National Memorial Park

DeSoto Memorial Park celebrates the 1539 expedition of Hernando DeSoto. Photos from the Exploring Florida website.

DeSoto Horses

Photographs of reenactors and horses. The horses pictured in this gallery were bred at the Fine Step Farm in Bradenton, Florida. Photos from the Exploring Florida website.

DeSoto Armor

Two galleries of armor photographs showing helmets, breastplates, chain mail, and other forms of reproduction armor that would have been used by explorers. Photos from the Exploring Florida website.

Florida Maps Collection

A large collection of Florida maps from the Spanish period, arranged in galleries by date. Available on the Exploring Florida Maps website.

De Soto's March

After sending one or more of his ships back to Cuba with news of his landing, DeSoto began marching northward. From the ClipArt ETC website.

Burial of DeSoto


DeSoto is buried in the Mississippi River so that the Native Americans who were told he was a god would not suspect otherwise. Illustration from ClipArt ETC.

DeSoto Portrait

Portrait of DeSoto with a sword from the ClipArt ETC website.