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We believe students should be creators with technology and not just consumers, so FCIT provides a wide range of digital assets for students to build their projects and, consequently, their understanding. But with well over 100,000 pieces of free digital content for the classroom, FCIT’s collections can be a bit overwhelming. The purpose of this blog is to highlight important areas of digital content and provide suggestions for using these digital “building blocks” in the classroom. Expect to find posts featuring FCIT’s clipart, photo, audiobook, and map collections among others. Your guide for this blog is Dr. Roy Winkelman.


Historic Florida Maps and Google Earth

Old maps and new technology can be an exciting combination in the classroom. You may have noticed that many of the historic Florida maps on FCIT's Maps ETC website include a link to a "Google Earth" file. If you click the "Google Earth" link, a...

Hidden Gem: Frank Leslie’s Civil War Engravings

Hidden away in ClipArt ETC > American History and Government > 1861-1865 Civil War is the complete set of over 700 Frank Leslie illustrations of the American Civil War along with hundreds of related images from similar sources. Frank Leslie's...

All Things Water

All Things Water is a free video series and photo collection about wetlands, watersheds, groundwater, the water cycle, water quality, and alternative water supply. Each video is accompanied by a PDF with coordinating activities for students. The videos and...

Hidden Gem: Varsity Letters

Hidden away in FCIT's Presentations ETC website is a handy collection of "varsity letters." These letters are great for newsletter mastheads, headlines, banners, school websites, TV graphics, and more. Each letter and numeral is available in five sizes...

FCIT Photos as Writing Prompts

FCIT hosts over 25,000 photos from various locations and time periods. Many of the images make excellent writing prompts. You'll find most of our photos either in ClipPix ETC or Exploring Florida. If you happen to have a set of 3D glasses for your class,...

How To Use Lit2Go Audiobooks in Your Classroom

FCIT’s Lit2Go audiobook website contains an amazing number of books and passages at all reading levels. The variety of recordings and the possibilities for using them can be a bit overwhelming, so we’d like to share some suggestions for finding the...

Using Primary Sources from FCIT

The FCIT digital collections contain thousands of primary source documents, photos, illustrations, and maps. These "windows into the past" can engage students, help to develop critical thinking skills, and provide opportunities for students to construct...

Hispanic Heritage iBooks

Supplement your current history courses with these free iBooks produced by FCIT for the National Park Service. Use in US History or state history in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, and California. Each volume in this series follows a similar format with introductory...

Colorizing ClipArt: Intro to Blending Modes

The ClipArt ETC website has over 70,000 line art images for teachers and students. There's a lot of great black-and-white content there, but sometimes we want to add color to an image. In this post, you'll learn one simple coloring technique that will...

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Using Digital Content

Ideas for using FCIT's photos, maps, illustrations, clipart, video, audio, and other media in the classroom.
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