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iTeach Professional Learning courses are designed for educators and administrators at all levels. Each four-week iTeach Professional Learning course is interactive and engaging, delivered completely online, and facilitated by an expert in the field. Courses begin each month. Registration must be completed by the 25th of the previous month.

Five of the iTeach courses specifically address the Technology Integration Matrix. Select the links below to begin the registration process for one of the four TIM courses or visit the iTeach Professional Learning catalog to view all twenty available courses.

TIMT-100: Implementing TIM Evaluation Tools

This fully online course guides teachers, administrators, and educational leaders through the process of how to utilize the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) and the TIM Tools to describe and compare classroom technology use. Specifically, this course will provide an introduction to the TIM, the TIM Observation Tool and protocol, implementation of the Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey (TUPS), and incorporation of the TIM data into professional development planning. Topics include:

  • Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) Overview
  • Using the Technology Integration Matrix Observation (TIM-O) tools
  • Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey
  • Incorporating the TIM into Professional Development Plans
  • Making Connections to the District Digital Classroom Plan (DCP)

TIMT-120: Implementing the TIM Observation Tool

This fully online course guides administrators, teachers, and educational leaders through the process of implementing the Technology Integration Matrix Observation Tool (TIM-O) within a school or district. Topics include:

  • Determining purposes for classroom observation
  • Choosing lessons to observe
  • Selecting and preparing observers
  • Preparing for Digital Classroom Plan (DCP) reporting
  • Summarizing and reporting observation data
Teacher at desk with her laptop.

TIMT-130: TIM for Instructional Planning

How can my students get the most out of technology in my classroom? In this practical, hands-on course, teachers will learn how to apply the TIM on a day-to-day basis in their classrooms to support effective technology integration. Topics include:

  • Evaluating available technology resources
  • Understanding discipline-specific practices
  • Matching student needs and technology
  • Preparing for Digital Classroom Plan (DCP) reporting
  • Working fluently across the matrix
Three educators view laptop.

TIMT-140: TIM Observer Training

This fully online course is designed to prepare teachers and instructional leaders to conduct classroom observations using the TIM-O. For a district cohort, elements of this course can be customized to meet the goals of a specific observation plan. Topics include:

  • Guidance and mentoring toward consistent and unbiased application of the TIM-O
  • Techniques for conducting efficient and effective observations
  • Matching student needs and technology
  • Strategies for coaching and feedback

TIMT-150: Coaching and Mentoring with the TIM-C

Coaching and mentoring are among the most powerful tools in any professional development program. While there many excellent models for implementing a guided, reflective practice program, all of these programs share some basic elements. The TIM Coaching Tool, or TIM-C, is an online tool for developing, tracking, and recording outcomes from coaching cycles. It provides an easy way to guide colleagues through a coaching cycle and document coaching work across a school or district.

This course provides an introduction to the TIM-C and coaching cycles, goal setting, planning and monitoring coaching activities, recording outcomes, and reflecting on the process. Regardless of the coaching model being used, the TIM-C can support consistent, guided, reflective practice across a school or district.

Additional iTeach Courses

Additional technology integration courses include: Bring Your Own Device, Project-Based Learning, Search Skills, Copyright, Digital Communication, Blended and Flipped Classrooms, Digital Narratives, Accessibility, Digital Literacy, and Infographics. Visit the iTeach Course Catalog for a complete listing.

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