TIM Tools – Annual Subscription Pricing

The development of new TIM resources, research on classroom technology integration, and the maintenance of this website are directly supported by TIM Tools licensing fees. Our goal is always to keep costs to schools and districts to a minimum. Funds generated from Tools licensing are essential to maintaining the free resources available from FCIT.

Keep in mind that a school, district, or state education agency may have a number of funding sources available for the purchase of a TIM Tools license. The TIM Tools suite can often be written into a grant as a part of the project or evaluation components. Clients in the United States may be able to use federal funds for the purchase. Consult the January 18, 2017 “Dear Colleague” letter from the US Office of Educational Technology for a helpful guide to using Titles I through IV of the ESEA, as amended by the ESSA, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to support the use of technology to improve instruction and student outcomes.

An annual TIM Tools license includes the TUPS, TIM-O, TIM-R, TIM-LP, TIM-C, ARTI, and the Survey Tool, as well as an administrative center to manage all six evaluation instruments. Subscriptions run 12 months from date of purchase. The school version is limited to a single school. The district version manages as many individual schools as needed. We accept school or district purchase orders and are happy to provide a written quote if your institution requires it.

Once paid in full, the school/district is granted a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, limited license to TIM Tools, which expires annually on the original order date, for use by the school/district’s employees. Detailed terms and conditions.

If you are unsure whether to request a school or a district license, please see the post, “TIM Tools: Do I need a school or a district license?”

To determine the number of members you will be adding to your TIM Tools instance, begin with the total number of teachers who will be observed or who will use the TUPS or any other tool, then add school and district administrators you want to be able to access the data, as well as professional development staff, curriculum and tech support, and others who will be using your TIM Tools instance. You may find this post helpful in determining your total number of members you’ll want to add into your TIM Tools system.

Please email your licensing requests to TIM@fcit.us or use our online form to generate an instant quote.

School Version
Members Price
1–50 $500
51–100 $700
101–200 $800
201–300 $900
301–400 $1,040
401–500 $1,250
501–600 $1,440
601–700 $1,610
701–800 $1,760
801–900 $1,890
901–1000 $2,000
District Version
Members Price
1–500 $1,500
501–1000 $2,000
1001–2000 $3,600
2001–3000 $5,100
3001–4000 $6,400
4001–5000 $7,500
5001–6000 $8,400
6001–7000 $9,100
7001–8000 $9,600
8001–9000 $9,900
9001–10,000 $10,000

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