Professional Learning

PD resources to get you started, help you practice, and deepen your learning.

Sustained, focused professional development is the key to organizational change. We offer a variety of options and resources for professional learning that can be customized to meet the needs of a school, district, or state educational agency. Our professional development and evaluation staff have decades of experience in teaching, K12 technology integration, district level planning, evaluation, and research.


iTeach Online Courses

Online PD courses for educators, facilitated by educators.

Through iTeach Professional Learning, we offer month-long, fully online courses, each facilitated by an experienced educator. Course topics related to the TIM include:

An iTeach course begins on the first of each month. Register at iTeach. Any of the courses can also be scheduled for groups. Email us at to arrange a course for your school or district.

TIM and TIM Tools Slide Presentations

Get started using the TIM.

These ready-to-use presentations support effective technology integration in your school or district. Available in Powerpoint, Keynote, and PDF formats.

TIM and TIM Tools Video Presentations

Using the TIM and TIM Tools.

These videos will introduce you to the Technology Integration Matrix and TIM Tools. The collection also includes presentations by schools and districts that have implemented the TIM or TIM Tools.

Practice Videos

Practice classifying lessons on the TIM.

Viewing and discussing classroom video snippets can be a great professional development activity. This collection includes lesson videos that have not yet been classified on the TIM, along with current Matrix videos presented without their Matrix classifications.

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Articles to deepen your understanding of the TIM and PD.

Here you’ll find articles on introducing the TIM to your teachers, the TIM instructional planning model, using the TIM to support reflective practice, PD activity suggestions, defining PD goals, coaching with the TIM-C, and using TIM-O and TUPS data to guide and evaluate your professional development activities.

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For More Information….

Review these recent professional development posts from our Teaching and Learning with Technology blog.

TIM PD Activity: Take It Up a Level

Before a school or district adopts the TIM model, it’s usually the case that teachers have been cajoled or at least strongly encouraged to “USE MORE TECHNOLOGY!” Or sometimes the mandate is to use some e-learning system that the school has just purchased from a sales rep who claimed test scores would rise. The push to use more or to use new tech….

TIM PD Activity: Build a Matrix

This activity is designed to encourage teachers to think through the pedagogical principles underlying the TIM as they construct the Matrix themselves. Something they have thought through and constructed themselves is going to stick better than than a printed chart will ever do. Included resources: printable deck of TIM cards, a wall-sized TIM, an online interactive activity.

Nail Your Next Tech PD with the Quadrant Graph

“Teachers are the toughest students.” Everyone who has ever conducted professional development has muttered some variation of that quote at one time or another. It’s no surprise that a classroom of teachers is a tough audience. They spend their days…

Path Models and Technology Integration: A PD Cheat Sheet

When we think about technology integration and how best to support our teachers in this area, a logical question to come up might be “What influences teachers’ use of technology besides being told to use it more?” Educational researchers often use path analysis as a way to investigate this question.

A Coaching/Mentoring Tool for All Subject Areas

At its core, coaching is a structured conversation. Throughout our teaching careers, we have many informal opportunities to act as a mentor or coach to a colleague with a question or problem, or as a client seeking a conversation with a peer about some aspect of our teaching. Adding structure to that conversation makes it more effective. A coaching cycle focuses….

Introducing TIM to Your Teachers

A question that often comes up in courses and consultations is, “What’s the best way to introduce the Technology Integration Matrix to my teachers?” While there’s no one best answer for all schools or districts, here are a couple of principles and a lot of resources that will help with that introduction.

Ramp Up Your PD Today

Effective use of technology, as described by FCIT’s Technology Integration Matrix (TIM), is more important now than ever. As your teachers move to, or increase their use of, online instruction it is critical that you offer support and guidance….

A Framework for Growth: A Story of TIM Implementation in Graphs

We are pleased to welcome Sister John Paul as a guest contributor! She is the principal of St. Michael School in Worthington, Ohio. St. Michael School set out to find a framework to build a conversation around how to best integrate technology to advance student learning. After observing the use of technology over the course of a school year….

Using the TIM to Support Teacher Reflective Practice

Simply put, reflection is essential to professional growth. If we stay in the weeds and remain focused on moving from task to task, we will continue doing things the same way we always have, not taking advantage of experiences and opportunities for making positive change. Taking stock of what happened in a particular lesson, for example, could be the difference between….

SIS IT Driver’s License

Given the frequent turnover among the Stockholm International School’s staff of 148, it was necessary to devise a clear statement of technology competency expectations for their teachers. Rather than just listing all of the expectations in a dry professional development plan document, the Edtech team came up with the idea of an “IT driver’s license.”

Ultimate Teaching Device

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ultimate Teaching Device Identified Tampa, FL (September 26, 2019) After years of testing, the Florida Center for Satirical Research has determined that the ultimate teaching device is not the celebrated Infotroneks 2000 adopted by many leading…

TIM Instructional Planning Model

I’ve had the opportunity to observe in many different classrooms across a wide variety of schools and districts. In the best of classrooms, one notices a harmonious relationship among curriculum demands, student needs, and technology integration. In other classrooms, well, that relationship can be….

“C” is for Coaching: Introducing the TIM-C

The September update of TIM Tools will include a new tool: the TIM-C. Many of our current clients have been using data from one or more of the TIM Tools to support their coaching programs, while documenting coaching cycles within spreadsheets or other tools that…

Using the TIM-C Coaching Tool

It comes as no surprise that TIM Tools clients tend to have strong coaching/mentoring programs in their schools or districts. Current clients use the TUPS, TIM-O, and ARTI to support tech planning, resource allocation, research and evaluation, and professional…

Using the TUPS to Target Professional Development

Results from the TUPS can be used in planning and targeting technology-related professional development (PD) for teachers. As a self-report survey, the TUPS yields data from a teacher’s perspective that can inform us about what is happening with technology in the classroom as well as factors that may be influencing….

How often should we administer the TUPS?

We are sometimes asked how often the Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey (TUPS) should be administered. The answer, of course depends entirely upon your purposes, the implementation timeline, and the professional development opportunities available to your…