TIM Instructional Planning Model Slide

The TIM Instructional Planning Model incorporates available technology, curriculum demands, and student needs. These three areas should be considered flexibly and iteratively by teachers planning classroom lessons.

Reproduced from: Harmes, J. C., Welsh, J. L., & Winkelman, R. J. (2016). A framework for defining and evaluating technology integration in the instruction of real-world skills. In S. Ferrara, Y. Rosen, & M. Tager (Eds.), Handbook of research on technology tools for real-world skill development (pp. 137-162). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Available in two formats. The standard (4:3) slide format is immediately below. Scroll down for the wide (16:9) format at bottom of this page.

The slide text reads as follows:

Available Technology

  • What technologies are available to me?
  • What are their affordances and limitations?
  • How do these technologies relate to others we’ve used?

Student Needs

  • What helps my students learn?
  • How can I individualize instruction?
  • Is this a new technology for my students?

Curriculum Demands

  • Is this a new concept for my students?
  • What standards apply?
  • What curriculum applies?