Technology Evaluation and Educational Service Agencies

Dr. James Welsh
    FCIT Director
    University of South Florida

James showcases a suite of evaluation tools developed at the University of South Florida that will be of interest to any ESA that includes tech integration support or PD among its services. He demonstrates have each district can be set up as a zone within a single TIM Tools instance and administrative and reporting capabilities can be assigned to school or district leaders as desired.

The advantages of a regional service agency managing a TIM Tools instance on behalf of their constituent districts include:

  • A significant cost savings that can be passed on to the districts compared to the purchase of many smaller licenses
  • A rich data source for technology planning and decision-making
  • Reporting features that can be customized for district or school leadership
  • Value of TIM Tools data in designing and targeting professional development as well as demonstrating the effectiveness of the delivered PD
  • Coordination of coaching efforts across the districts

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