Wall-Sized Technology Integration Matrix

Print this PDF on legal-sized paper to create a large Technology Integration Matrix (TIM). It’s best to print on cover stock or other heavy weight paper if available.

Cut pages 2 and 3 along the dotted lines to create labels for the columns (levels of technology integration) and the rows (characteristics of a meaningful learning environment). Pages 4 through 28 are the summary indicators for each of the 25 cells of the TIM.

The result can be displayed on a wall of a professional development center.

The printed pieces can also be used as a professional development activity if Velcro tabs or magnetic strips are applied to the backs of the sheets. The PD facilitator can pre-position the column and row labels and then display the five summary descriptors for any one of the characteristics and ask participants to place them in order from Entry Level to Transformation Level. Invite discussion as each row of descriptors is sorted and added to the Matrix. Working through the construction of the TIM will help teachers to understand the logic of the levels much better than simply handing out a chart to read.

As teachers are deciding the order of the descriptors, suggest that they consider the shift from simple to complex use of technology; the shift from teacher ownership of learning to student ownership of learning; the shift from procedural understanding of the tech to conceptual understanding of the tech; and the shift from conventional to innovative use of technology tools.

The TIM website also includes this activity as an individual deck of cards which can be printed for each participant in a PD session as well as an on-line interactive version for individual or group use.

Download PDF. (28 pages, US legal size, 1.6 MB)

Related Files

The wall-sized TIM PDF includes plain text column and row headers. You may wish to substitute the black-and-white or color icons for the five levels and five characteristics instead.

Black-and-white icon set:
US Letter
International A4

Color icon set:
US Letter
International A4