TIM for Educational Leaders

Responsible stewardship of school resources requires asking the right questions. Simply adding technology to a school will not result in improvements; technology itself is not an academic intervention. The TIM puts the focus where it belongs — on pedagogy and content. The TIM provides a common vocabulary for discussing technology integration and resources for you to use in facilitating teachers in effective use of technology. TIM Tools allow you to gather data to answer your questions and to help you make informed decisions.

  • Adopt the TIM as a guiding framework for technology investment. This can demonstrate to teachers and other school leaders that the focus is on good teaching, not on technology for its own sake.
  • Use the TUPS to provide a snapshot of the technology resources that are most valued, most used, and most needed.
  • Use the TIM as a framework for targeting teacher professional development. Data from the TUPS and TIM-O can help inform these decisions.
  • Use the TIM-C to obtain a snapshot of coaching and mentoring activity in any subject area across your school or district.