TIM for Staff Development

If you are responsible for staff development for groups large or small, the TIM provides a common vocabulary for technology integration that focuses attention where it belongs — on teaching and learning. Too often, technology in the classroom becomes the tail wagging the dog. TIM emphasizes the pedagogical approach taken, not the devices used.

Use the TIM Tools to plan and evaluate your staff development:

  • Administer the Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey (TUPS) to identify professional development needs.
  • Use the TUPS to generate lists of teachers who would benefit from specific PD topics.
  • Have faculty retake the TUPS each year to document professional development success.
  • Use TIM-O results to identify the appropriate level of technology integration PD for each teacher.
  • Introduce ARTI to integrate action research into your professional development program.

Use the TIM resources to enhance your training: