Organizing Data

Goal Directed Learning | Entry Level | Social Studies


  • Students will use the LATCH neumonic to organize data.


  • Students will review the LATCH neumonic.
  • They will read a passage and highlight the main idea and the supporting ideas.
  • They will watch previously recorded podcasts and apply the LATCH neumonic to items they see.
  • Students will individually record data in their journals.
  • Students will work in groups on a laptop to create a concept map.
  • Students will decide which letter of the LATCH neumonic best fits the information they have been given.
  • Students will share their findings with the class using a document camera.
  • Students will create a podcast outlining the information they have learned.
  • Students will use the podcasts to complete a homework assignment and to share information with their families.


  • Laptops
  • Projector
  • iTouch
  • Document Camera
  • Digital Camera or Video Camera

Grade Level: 3-5