Graphing Growth: TIM Tools in Action

Tricia Dirker
    Director of Education
    S3 Technologies

The principal of St. Michael School in Worthington, Ohio, set out to find a cohesive approach to incorporating educational technology. There was a need for a shared vocabulary to guide reflective conversations with educators to increase the intentionality of technology integration in lessons for the purpose of improving the quality of student engagement in learning.

In 2016, the school chose the TIM to obtain and track data to improve overall technology use to impact student learning. The TIM was selected because of the multifaceted approach it activates to assess the use and perception of technology. Its ability to extract data provides insight into the tech culture of an organization that can be used to inform tailored professional development for users and guide better budget decisions for technology purchases.

St. Michael School called upon S3 Technologies’ Director of Education Technology, Tricia Dirker, to provide direct oversight and coaching to their staff during the implementation and use of the TIM. As her presentation will show, this endeavor was successful.

At the end of each school year, the data provided by TIM tools was analyzed to shape the next year’s plans for professional development and which devices to purchase.

In comparing data across four school years, the TIM shows significant growth over time in improved technology use, effective professional development, positive change in perceptions and comfort levels and increased skill sets that directly impacted the approach to instruction and resulting quality of student engagement in learning.

In this presentation, Tricia Dirker shares the journey of these exciting improvements by displaying growth through graphs while the TIM Tools were in action at St. Michael School.

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