Use of TIM Tools To Design a PD Program in Puerto Rico (Español)

Claribel Ojeda Reyes
    Directora Académica
Dra. Odette Piñero
    Global Education Exchange Opportunities

Global Education Exchange Opportunities was commissioned by the Puerto Rico Department of Education to work on the assessment piece that will provide the foundation for the design of a professional development program to be implemented across the island.

They wanted to create a process that would allow for the different levels where teachers would be and the different levels that the Department of Education wanted to reach.

They chose the Technology Integration Matrix model because it gave them more input about the characteristics of a classroom and the behaviors of the students and teacher. At that time the Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey (TUPS) was only available in English, so it was translated into Spanish for use in Puerto Rico. GEEO also used the Survey Tool to design additional surveys for school directors and guidance counselors.

The TUPS results were used to provide Digital Promise, the professional development vendor, with an Individualized Techno-pedagogical Plan (ITP) for each teacher. This information is also made available to school directors to help inform the creation of peer support groups within the school.

In phase two GEEO will identify the pedagogical practices that support or interfere with technology use and integration in schools and will use TIM Tools to identify how to use coaching to improve technology use and integration. During this period, the TIM-C, TIM-LP, TIM-O, and TIM-R will be utilized.

In phase three, the TUPS will be repeated.

The presentation includes graphs of the participation rates showing that 25,872 of the 27,703 teachers, superintendents, principals, facilitators, specialists, counselors, and social workers participated in the first administration of the TUPS. Participants were from the Puerto Rico Department of Education, Proyetco CASA, Technological Institutes, Correctional Institutions, and Public Alliance Schools. Claribel also includes a graph of the technology integration levels and a map of Puerto Rico with the school indicated.

This presentation is in Spanish. An English version is also available.

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