Tech Coaching and the TIM

The TIM and the TIM Tools provide an excellent context for one-on-one coaching conversations around the pedagogy of technology integration. Here are some ways TIM can help you guide teachers toward best practices with classroom technology:

  • The TIM extended descriptors can be used to guide consistent, pedagogically focused conversations about technology integration.
  • The TIM-C provides an easy way to guide colleagues through a coaching cycle and document coaching work across a school or district. Standards and other alignments from any subject area can be added to the TIM-C.
  • Data from the TUPS, TIM-O, TIM-LP, and TIM-R can be combined to create learning plans tailored to the technology needs of individual teachers.
  • TIM-O can be used to create a rich portrait of a teacher’s technology journey
  • TUPS data can help identify strengths as well as areas for growth.
  • Use specific descriptions of technology use at multiple levels to guide feedback about classroom walkthroughs.
  • Select and recommend video examples to help illustrate concepts.