TIM Tools clients have many options for support when using the Tools:

  • The built-in directions for each of the Admin Center panels are sufficient to answer most questions.
  • Telephone support between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM on weekdays. Just call 813-974-1640.
  • Email support at TIM@FCIT.us.

But often overlooked is the TIM Tools Resource Center. This is a comprehensive Canvas course that all TIM Tools clients have access to. If you’ve forgotten your log-on information, shoot us an email at TIM@FCIT.us and we’ll be happy to resend it to you. Your Resource Center access may be shared with other administrators in your district.

While most clients prefer just to jump right into the TIM Tools Admin Center to start setting up their instance, we’d suggest that you open the TIM Tools Resource Center at least once when you are starting out just for a quick overview of the functions and capabilities of the Tools. This is especially helpful for new clients. For example, following our recommendations for the order of entering member, school, and zone information can save much time later. Experienced clients would also do well to review the Resource Center from time to time. Sometimes clients get so involved with using one part of TIM Tools that they forget there are other parts available to them.

Sample pages from the TIM Tools Resource Center

The Resource Center can also be used for just-in-time support if you have a specific question after hours. Just use the table of contents to quickly jump to the section you need. We continue to update the Resource Center based on questions we receive in email or by phone, so it’s very likely that you’ll quickly find your answer if it’s something that another district has had a question about.

We’ll end this post with a list of all the topics you’ll find in the Resource Center.

TIM Tools Administrative Center

  • Getting Started
    • Administrative Center Access
    • Administrative Center Dashboard
    • Managing Zones
    • Managing Schools
  • Customization
    • Active Applications
    • Home Page
    • Site Banner
  • Managing Members
    • Uploading Members
    • Profile Window
    • Changing Passwords
    • Managing Administrators
    • Managing Observers
  • Working with Data
    • Participation Overview
    • Downloading ARTI Data
    • Downloading TIM-LP Data
    • Downloading TIM-O Data
    • Downloading TIM-R Data
    • Downloading TUPS Data


  • Preparation
    • Managing TIM-O Observers and TIM-LP Reviewers
  • TIM-O
    • TIM-O: Beginning an Observation
    • TIM-O: Question-Based Method
    • TIM-O: Matrix-Based Method
    • TIM-O: Finishing an Observation
    • TIM-O: Print or Share an Observation With a Teacher
    • TIM-O: Editing Previous Observations
    • TIM-O Report Templates
    • Accessing School or District TIM-O Data
  • TIM-R
    • TIM-R
    • Accessing School or District TIM-R Data
  • TIM-LP
    • TIM-LP
    • Accessing School or District TIM-LP Date


  • Opening and Closing the TUPS
  • TUPS Intro and Thank You Text
  • Customizing TUPS Sections and Items
  • Accessing School or District TUPS Data
  • TUPS Report Template


  • Action Research Tool Overview
  • Accessing School or District ARTI Data

Report Tool

  • Report Tool Dashboard
  • Report List
  • Creating a New Report – Report Builder

Survey Tool

  • Creating a New Survey
  • Customizing a Library Survey
  • Viewing Survey Results

If you are not a current TIM Tools client and are interested in the Tools, you can visit our website, email us, or phone 813-974-1640.