Where's TNT?

The lesson plans in the TNT Database had become very outdated. Many of them were based on specific content programs that are no longer available. We decided it was time to update both the content and presentation of our online lesson plans in a new site for laptop learning called No Strings Attached.

The lesson plans on No Strings Attached are somewhat different than the plans in TNT. For one thing, we put them into an easy-to-read outline format. Busy teachers don't have time or the need to read extended wordy plans. Secondly, we added a short video where possible so you can see the lesson in action. Many teachers have commented how beneficial it is to actually see a lesson being implemented in a real classroom. Finally, the plans center around tool-based software rather than content-based software. In the new set of plans, students learn with the software, rather than from the software. We hope you will find the lessons plans valuable.

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